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Anatomy of the number 26

The Eight-pointed Cross or the Wheel of Dharma.

the different ways to get the number 8 in numerology

All numbers with the number 8 for reduction are obtained using the following five forms:
• 17 = 1 + 7 = 8
• 26 = 2 + 6 = 8
• 35 = 3 + 5 = 8
• 44 = 4 + 4 = 8
• 80 = 8 + 0 = 8

The number 26 is quite rare, appearing in 20% of cases.

The Energy Cross associated with the number 26 is drawn on the four-lobe grid which refers to instinctive intelligence, that of "common sense".

The two quaternary axes (one passive, the other active), once set in rotation, bring energy and dynamism, which initiate frequent changes of state.

the geometric composition of the number 26symbol of the number 26

The Manager

The 8-armed Cross

personnalite du nombre 26 hommesymbol of the number 26

The eight-pointed Cross or Wheel of Life (Dharma) evokes the continuous changes we face. It symbolizes the energy of the "Eight Winds" and is associated with the 8 trigrams of the I Ching, "the book of transformations".

It is linked to the notions of Justice, loyalty and entrepreneurship. It indicates many and varied contacts along the way. You put human relations before your "career plan" and don't hesitate to change your approach when the pleasure is gone. Like a wheel that turns around its axis, your symbol is the image of energy and activity: you alternate ups and downs, perpetually in demand, you don't know where to start.

Ora et labora.
« Pray and work. »

the mental triangle - passivethe emotional circle - activenumber 26 archetype of the Managerthe material square - passive

The ternary composition of the symbol

Spirit, Soul and Body

Spirit of number 26

Spirit of the symbol

  • 2 + 6 = 8
  • Grid: quatrefoil
  • Position of the units: periphery only.
  • Decision-making mode: reason
Soul of number 26

The Soul of the Symbol

  • Mode: Expansion
  • Type: Radiation
  • Orientation: outwards
  • Axes: double quaternary - angle = 45 °
body of number 26

The Body of the symbol

  • Emotional Body -> Instinctive Body
  • Composition: a circle divided into eight equal parts.
  • Proceeds from: 4-pointed Cross (22) or 6-pointed Cross (24)
  • Evolves towards: octagon (80) or octagram (44)
vibration frequency of the number 26

Vibratory resonance

  • Frequency: 360 Hz
  • Lower octave: 180 Hz
  • Upper octave: 720 Hz

The spirit of the place

Number and position of units making up the number 26

My material achievements and my human relations

"I realize myself fully (8) within my family (6), a privileged place to express my feelings and emotions (2)."

Your symbol is located in the Physical World (on the third line, which represents the "I" and its manifestation in the community), and in the attribute of Love (in the second column, the one that evokes the relationship that is built between the other and Me: social, spiritual or loving bonds).

Place in the matrix :

  • World: Natural (Physical World) ~ The "I".
  • Attribute: Heat, Space and Matter.
  • Favorite tool: The Word.
  • Arithmetic decomposition: 2 + 6
  • Algebraic typology: compound number.
  • Matrix topology :
  • Present in three worlds (Spi~Psy~Phy).
  • Endowed with two attributes (Psy~Phy).
  • Complementary number: 2
Location of number 26 in the matrix of Three Worlds

Location in the matrix: 8

Bottom row - Second column

26 = 2 + 6 = 8

The paths of expression of the number 26

Path of involution (Spiritualize the Matter) where you have to manage space and matter

paths of expression of the number 8
Check to see if these numbers or symbols are present in your profile.

The Energy Cross is similar to the Indian Dharma Wheel : to put it simply, it refers to all the social, legal, family, personal, but also natural and cosmic laws that must all be respected or else the entire cosmos will go wrong! The principles of righteousness, merit and justice are associated with it. This symbol therefore expresses the regeneration and perpetual renewal of cycles, and moreover, the Wheel indicates the 8 paths that allow us to extract ourselves from the cycle of reincarnations.

Several paths exist to manifest the energy of the Wheel of Dharma but some paths are more promising than others, because they allow a favourable alignment of energies for the realization of its vocation. This is the case of the "arrows" formed by the numbers 246 and 268.

path of expression 248 of the Rationalist and 268 of the Family Leader
  • The "arrow 248" represents the binary way of thinking based on the sequence of doubles (1-2-4-8-16-etc) characteristic of vibratory phenomena, especially human ones (cellular reproduction, family tree).
    The "268 arrow", composed only of even female numbers, represents the arrow of affect, but dominated by the reason of the analytical type.

Symbolic keys

Symbolic systems linked to the number 26

The meanings of the symbol

  • On the spiritual or divine level: the Solar Cross.
  • On the psychic or human level: the Wheel of Life.
  • On the physical or natural level: the "Eight Winds".
  • Common sense: the Wheel of Dharma.
  • Esoteric meaning: the Word in action in the community, humanity. The passive spiritual quaternary actuated by the active spiritual quaternary. The spiritual generation.
  • Family in geonumerology: Cross.

Evolution advices

  • Risk: overflow, agitation.
  • Law at stake: law of cause and effect.
  • Work to be done: stabilisation (8_80) or materialisation (8_44).
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