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The nine universal laws

Geo-numerological interpretation of the nine universal laws
The nine universal laws

Introduction to universal laws

Universal laws are fundamental, unchanging principles that govern
that govern harmony and balance in all aspects of the universe.

What's a universal law?

universal laws and sacred geometry

Imagine the universe as an immense web of symphonies, where every note, every vibration, plays an essential role in the cosmic melody. Universal laws are like the chords of this eternal music, resonating through space and time, orchestrating the dance of stars, planets and souls.

The Essence of Universal Laws: Like stars shining in the sky of knowledge, universal laws illuminate our understanding of the world. They are the fundamental, eternal and invariable principles that govern everything, from the microcosm to the macrocosm. These laws, whether physical, moral or spiritual, form the very fabric of existence, revealing the invisible links between all things.

Wisdom and Interdependence: each law, like a golden thread, is woven with the others to create a rich, complex fabric. The law of attraction, for example, cannot exist without the law of polarity, just as melody cannot exist without harmony. It is in this interaction and interdependence that the true wisdom of the universe lies, inviting us to see beyond appearances to understand the profound truths that surround us.

Harmony and Co-creation: As human beings, we are both spectators and actors in this great cosmic symphony. By understanding and respecting these laws, we align ourselves with divine harmony and find our place in this great orchestra. We become co-creators, not only of our own reality, but also of the evolution of the entire universe, playing our unique part in the melody of life.

Thus, universal laws are the keys that open the doors to understanding, harmony and spiritual fulfillment, guiding us on the path to self-discovery and unity with all that is.

"The Universe, considered as a great animated Whole, composed of intelligence, soul and body, was called Pan or Phanès. Man, or the microcosm, was similarly composed, but in an inverse manner, of body, soul and intelligence; and each of these three parts was in turn considered under three modifications, so that the ternary reigning in the whole, reigned equally in the least of its subdivisions." The Golden Verses of Pythagoras ~ Antoine Fabre d'Olivet

Why study universal laws?

universal law

The study of universal laws is much more than a simple quest for knowledge. It's a journey of self-realization, an exploration of the very foundations of our existence and our place in the Universe. There are several compelling reasons to study these immutable laws, particularly in a spiritual context.

Firstly, understanding these laws helps us to navigate through life with greater clarity and purpose. Just as a sailor uses the stars to guide him or her, universal laws serve as landmarks in life's often tumultuous journey. They provide answers to profound questions about cause and effect, fate versus free will, and the interrelatedness of all things.

Secondly, they strengthen our connection to everything around us. In a world where it's easy to feel isolated or disconnected, these laws remind us that we are inextricably linked to the entire Universe. This realization can inspire a sense of unity, reducing feelings of loneliness or separation.

Third, these laws serve as a framework for our spiritual growth. They highlight challenges and opportunities, guiding us in our choices and actions. For example, by understanding the law of karma, we are more likely to act with intention and compassion, knowing that our actions have repercussions.

Finally, studying universal laws broadens our perspective. Instead of seeing life through a narrowly defined prism, we begin to see the vast patterns and rhythms at work, enabling us to embrace a more holistic vision of existence.

In short, studying universal laws is not just an academic pursuit, but a profoundly enriching one that can light our way, enrich our understanding of ourselves and the world around us, and ultimately guide us towards a more aligned and harmonious life.

How does Geo-Numerology provide a holistic interpretation of universal laws?

universal-laws ad Geo-numerology

Geo-numerology, by weaving together the threads of numbers, shapes and ideas, offers us a fascinating holistic vision, revealing the underlying beauty of the universe. It is a key that decodes the secret language of universal laws, making them visible and comprehensible.

The Correspondence between Numbers and Universal Laws: At the heart of Geo-Numerology lies the conviction that each number is intrinsically linked to a specific universal law. These numbers are not mere markers; they are echoes of the vibrations of the universe, each carrying within it a dimension of cosmic wisdom. Like notes in a divine score, they play a melody that reveals the principles governing reality.

Visualizing the Laws via Geometric Symbols: Each universal law, associated with a number, finds its representation in a corresponding geometric symbol. These shapes are not arbitrary; they are geometric reflections of the vibrations and energies of the numbers. For example, the circle, associated with unity and infinity, could represent the law of Unity. 

This visualization makes the laws tangible, transforming abstract concepts into concrete images, and thus facilitating their understanding and integration into our consciousness.

Dividing the Laws into Three Worlds: Geo-numerology divides the nine universal laws into three domains: the Spiritual or Divine World (Pythagorean World of Archetypes), the Human World (Microcosm), and the Natural or Physical World (Macrocosm). This classification reflects a holistic understanding, showing how each law operates at different levels of existence. This allows us to see the manifestation of the laws through various aspects of our lives, from the most tangible to the most ethereal, from the physical to the spiritual.

"The Universe, conceived as an animated whole, is composed of three principles: Nature, Man and God, or, to use the language of the Hermetists, the Macrocosm, the Microcosm and the Archetype." 

Papus ~ Elementary Treatise on Occult Science


The nine universal laws

A Practical Guide to Harmonious Life

This ebook not only presents these fundamental laws, it demystifies them by linking them to the symbols of sacred geometry. This unique approach enables you to gain a deep, intuitive understanding of the principles that govern the universe, by visualizing them through the prism of the most fundamental geometric forms.

Quick Overview of nine laws

Unlock the Cosmic Code: Discover the Essence of the 9 Universal Laws

1. Law of Unity

Universal interconnection
Law of Unity

Law of Unity - Spiritual aspect: DEUS - God
The symbol of unity on the spiritual plane is God, representing the divine essence and sacred unity of all souls with the universal source. In this dimension, God is perceived as the supreme consciousness that links all creatures and living beings in a harmonious cosmic dance.

Law of Unity - Human aspect: HOMO - Man
On the human level, the individual embodies the symbol of unity. Each human being is a unique piece in the enigmatic puzzle of existence, linked to all others by invisible threads of compassion, love and empathy.

Law of Unity - Physical aspect: NATURA - The Universe
On a physical level, the entire universe is a symbol of unity. Every star, every planet, every galaxy is interconnected in a celestial choreography of energy and matter, forming an ever-expanding cosmic web.

2. Law of Polarity

Complementary dualities
Law of Polarity

Law of Polarity - Spiritual aspect: Yin Yang
The spiritual symbol of polarity is Yin and Yang, representing the subtle balance between opposing forces. It's the eternal dance between light and shadow, masculine and feminine, creating universal harmony.

Law of Polarity - Human Aspect: Male/Female
The law of gender embodies polarity on the human plane. It's the recognition and acceptance of the differences between the genders, male and female, which unite to create a complete symphony of humanity.

Law of Polarity - Physical aspect: Solve and Coagula
Alchemy offers us the symbol of polarity on the physical plane, with the concept of "solve et coagula". This is the process of dissolution and coagulation, where the transformation of matter leads to the creation of new forms.

3. Ternary Law

The creative spark
Ternary law

Ternary Law - Spiritual aspect: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Religious trinities, such as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in Christianity, symbolize the ternary law on a spiritual level. This is divine unity in the trinity, representing the perfect union of the three aspects of God.

Ternary law - Human aspect: spirit, soul and body
On the human level, spirit, soul and body form the symbol of the ternary law. The spirit is the source of consciousness, the soul is the intermediary between spirit and body, and the body is the instrument through which the soul expresses itself in the physical world.

Ternary Law - Physical aspect: time, space and energy
Time, space and energy are the physical symbols of the ternary law. Time gives dimension to existence, space enables the expansion of the universe, and energy is the driving force behind all activity and transformation.

"Omne trinum est perfectum
"Everything that comes in threes is perfect".


4. Law of Intention

The guiding force
Law of Intention

Law of Intention - Spiritual aspect: prayer
The law of intention on the spiritual plane finds expression in prayer. When we pray with clear, sincere intention, we activate a subtle force that interacts with the universe. Prayer becomes the means by which we formulate our desires and aspirations at a higher level of consciousness. Prayer thus becomes a powerful act of co-creation with the divine, linking our will to the spiritual source that underlies all existence.

Law of Intention - Human aspect: the power of the mind
The Law of Intention is a powerful tool that highlights the power of the mind over our actions, emotions and results. By focusing on clear, positive intentions, our mind becomes the driving force behind our behavior, guiding us towards decisions and actions aligned with our aspirations. By becoming aware of this law on a human level, we become the architects of our destiny, able to transcend limitations and realize our highest potential.

5. Law of Attraction

Magnetic resonance
Law of attraction

Law of Attraction - Spiritual aspect: vertical attraction
On a spiritual level, the relationship between the soul and the cosmos embodies the law of attraction. It's the magnetic attraction between the soul's aspirations and the higher forces that guide its evolution.

Law of Attraction - Human aspect: horizontal attraction
The law of attraction is expressed in relationships between individuals. Emotions, thoughts and intentions act like magnets, attracting people and events that resonate with our inner being.

Law of Attraction - Physical aspect: the means by which the will is expressed
On the physical plane, the law of attraction finds expression through the eyes, speech and hands. Our eyes, by fixing our attention on what we desire, send signals of intention to the universe. Similarly, our words, charged with energy and vibration, emit frequencies that attract situations in resonance with our words. Finally, our hands, acting in accordance with our intentions, bring our desires to life in the physical world.

6. Law of Analogy

The cosmic mirror
law of analogy

Law of Deliberate Creation - Spiritual aspect: the eyes
The eyes are the symbol of deliberate creation on the spiritual plane. They represent the inner gaze that perceives the deep mysteries of the universe and reveals hidden truths. Analogously, the eyes are linked to the mind.

Law of Deliberate Creation - Human Aspect: Speech
Speech is the symbol of deliberate creation on the human level. The words we choose to speak create our inner reality and shape our relationship with the outer world. Speech is linked to the soul

Law of Deliberate Creation - Physical aspect: hands
Gestures and actions symbolize deliberate creation on the physical plane. Every conscious gesture becomes a sacred dance, influencing our destiny and that of the universe. Hands are linked to the physical body.

"See a world in a grain of sand, and a paradise in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour." - William Blake

7. Law of Cycles

The eternal rhythms
Law of cycles

Law of Cycles - Spiritual aspect: the soul's migration
The law of cycles lies in the perpetual evolution of the soul on the spiritual plane. The cycles of birth and death allow the soul to regenerate and progress towards realizing its full potential. The spiritual archetypes of cycles symbolize eternal recommencement, evolution and spiritual transformation.
Law of Cycles - Human aspect: cycles of experience
On the human level, the Law of Cycles is manifested by periods of personal growth and life's trials. Each cycle represents an opportunity for growth, learning and transformation. Acceptance of life's cycles leads to greater resilience and self-understanding.

Law of Cycles - Physical aspect: natural cycles
In the physical world, the law of cycles is reflected in seasonal cycles, moon cycles and natural cycles. It's the continuous regeneration of ecosystems, the birth and death of stars, and the cyclical movements of planets in the universe. To get the most out of your energy, it's a good idea to get in tune with natural cycles.

8. Law of Karma

Law of Cause and Effect : The universal reaction
Law of karma
The universal reaction

Law of Cause and Effect - Spiritual aspect: the lessons of karma
The law of cause and effect, or the law of karma, is associated with the soul's free will on the spiritual plane. Every choice and action has consequences, creating a complex network of karmic links. Karma archetypes represent learning and spiritual evolution through past, present and future actions.

Law of Cause and Effect - Human aspect: you reap what you sow
On the human level, the law of cause and effect is expressed in our responsibility for our choices and actions. We are the enlightened guardians of our destiny, creating our reality through our decisions. Free will enables us to transform negative karmic patterns into positive, constructive choices.

Law of Cause and Effect - Physical aspect: action/reaction In the physical world, the law of cause and effect manifests itself in a chain reaction of events. Every action leads to a reaction, and every cause has its effect. In this way, we can influence our destiny by making enlightened choices and sowing seeds of goodwill.

"Every tree can be recognized by its fruit: you don't pick figs from thorns; nor do you harvest grapes from brambles. The good man draws good from the treasure of his good heart; and the evil man draws evil from his evil heart." - Luke, 6, 43-45

9. Law of Transmutation

Spiritual alchemy
Law of transmutation

Law of Transmutation - Spiritual aspect: the metamorphosis of the soulThe Law of Transmutation symbolizes the evolution of the soul towards a higher state of consciousness on the spiritual plane.It is the inner transformation that enables us to transcend our limitations and move closer to divinity. The archetypes of transmutation symbolize the metamorphosis of the soul, the alchemical fusion of light and shadow, and the awakening of consciousness to a new, enlightened reality.

Law of Transmutation - Human aspect: the ability to transmute failure into opportunity
On the human level, the Law of Transmutation manifests itself in the process of personal growth and spiritual development. It is the ability to transcend trials, transmute negative emotions into wisdom, and raise consciousness. By embracing inner transmutation, we evolve into a better version of ourselves, like the caterpillar evolving into the butterfly.

Law of Transmutation - Physical aspect: transforming lead into gold The law of transmutation, closely linked to alchemy, symbolizes the profound transformation of matter and spirit.In alchemy, transmutation represents the quest to transform lead into gold, symbolizing the human soul's journey from darkness to enlightenment.It goes beyond mere physical transformation and embodies the quest for spiritual elevation and purification of being.

"For the caterpillar, unaware of its potential for mutation, the butterfly's vision of the world remains incomprehensible and irrational.

Among the others, some dream of this vision and others, fewer in number, relish the moment when they too will become butterflies".

Key facts

The 3 key points
Three Worlds and nine laws

Associating the universal laws with the first 9 numbers is a powerful trick for understanding and memorizing them more easily. Each number can act as a symbol or key to open the door to understanding the law associated with it.

Respecting the order of the laws is important because it allows us to follow a logical progression in our learning and integration of these fundamental principles. Each law builds on the one that precedes it, forging a coherent path in our exploration of wisdom and knowledge.

The symbols associated with each law offer a visual representation that instantly evokes the underlying concepts. These symbols help us to connect intuitively with the key ideas of each law, making them easier to memorize.

Beware, however, as ignorance of these laws can lead you down dark and tortuous paths. Don't underestimate the power of these laws, for they are the very foundations of your existence. Follow their guidance, and you'll blaze a luminous trail towards self-fulfilment.

After all, it would be a real shame to keep making stupid mistakes when all you have to do is remember these obvious little principles, wouldn't it?

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