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From Geometry to Psychology

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link between geometry and psychology

Sacred geometry and psychology

The art and the way

Definition of Geonumerology

Etymologically, one could say that Numerology is a "discourse on numbers" whereas Geonumerology is the science of the link (Logos) that exists between numbers (Numero) and geometry (Geo).

Geonumerology is a discipline that attempts to uncover the deep psychology of an individual through the study of the lines of force present in the symbols of his name and date of birth.

The geo-numerological interpretation is based on the one hand on psychology of geometric shapes of the number and on the other hand on its location within the matrix (or tree) of the Three Worlds (Spirituality).

from numerology to geonumerology

Idea Theory and Form Theory

Thought brings out the idea of form, highlighting the link between mind and matter, the invisible and the visible. The symbol suggests the idea.

Unlike other symbols such as chemical symbols or musical notes, geometric symbolism is the only one that corresponds to nature itself, to the very structure of the universe

True universal language, esoteric symbolism is like an absolute reflection of nature and its laws, not an invention.

« Within the limits of the psychic experience the collective unconscious takes the place of the platonic kingdom of the eternal ideas. In the place of these models that give form to created things, the collective unconscious, through its archetypes, constitutes the a priori condition for the assignment of meaning".  »

C.G. Jung, L'inconscient collectif. 

 Geonumerology's Symbols

Geonumerology is therefore a mixture of numerology and geometry

In this way, it allows the number to be represented, to make it visible in space, to give it shape, to grasp its lines of force. It is only after having drawn it that the interpretation of the number takes all its meaning and begins to reveal its secrets.

Each symbol has :

  • a body (external form);
  • a soul (orientation of energy in the center of the symbol);
  • and a spirit (nature and number of axes).

>> Symbolism and Personality Traits

From number to symbols

Example with the three symbols of number 4

We saw previously that the number 4 had three unique geometric decompositions prior to its reduction.

By applying the existing correspondences between numbers and archetypal forms (a point for 1, a line for 2, a triangle for 3, a square for 4), it becomes possible to geometrically re-compose the number from very few elements.

As you can see, the number 4 is not necessarily a square, as classical numerology would suggest. The interpretation therefore varies according to the decomposition: a tetrahedron 4 is completely different from a square 4, for example.

>> The three grids of construction

grids used for number 4 construction

Construction grids used to represent number 4

From symbols to ideas

The three interpretations of number 4

psychology-of-the-symbols of-number 4

The Body of the Symbol

The body of the symbol symbolizes the mother figure used for the drawing :

  • The Intellectual Triangle for the Tetrahedron (Ex: 13);
  • The Emotional Circle for the Cross (Ex: 22);
  • The Vital or Instinctive Square for the Square (Ex: 40).

The Soul of the Symbol

Energy is the relationship between two poles, it takes the following forms:

  • Attraction (arrows in yellow), or concentration, or centripetal force (Ex: 13);
  • Expansion (blue arrows), or dissolution, or centrifugal force (Ex: 22 & 40);
  • Mutation (arrows in red), or integration, or force of evolution (Ex: 23) - not in the figure.

The Spirit of the Symbol

It is mainly characterized by the mode of perception of external events and way of processing information:

  • Reason: deduction (Ex: 13 et 22), induction and analogy;
  • Intuition: enlightenment, telepathy (Ex: 23) or premonition;
  • Experience: visual, auditory and kinesthetic (Ex: 40).

Ternary classification of personality traits

Spirit ~ Soul ~ Body

Each of the symbols of geonumerology can be described using three criteria:

  • Its body, which corresponds to the (external) shape of the symbol - what supports
  • Its soul which corresponds to the direction of the energy that animates it- what animates
  • Its spirit which corresponds to the inner content of the symbol (presence or not of axes, number and axes) - what guides

The psychological interpretation used in geonumerology is based on the comparative anatomy of the symbols in your profile.

By studying the shape of the symbol, the family to which it belongs, its orientation or its degree of composition, it becomes possible to correctly interpret the number to which the symbol is attached.

For example, the mental type (triangle) will adopt a process of evaluating facts and making judgments based on objective criteria. The emotional type (circle) is more likely to focus on personal values or what their intuition tells them. As for the instinctive type (square), this does not mean that it is a thick brute, on the contrary, the intelligence of the instinctive type is very well adapted to the business world for example.

Through these three centers, the human body captures and transforms the energy of the cosmos.

Every human being is capable of receiving, processing and transmitting information from these three centers, but during his evolution, the individual will tend to favor one of these three centers, a dominant of action which will be expressed primarily : Vital (or instinctive), Emotional or Intellectual.

Concerning introversion and extroversion, which both correspond to the two universal forces of attraction and expansion, where as the alchemists say to coagulation and dissolution (solve and coagula), we must not forget that the result of this double energy is the creation of a third one: transmutation, or integration.

>> Symbolism and Personality Traits

The 29 symbols of geonumerology

Archetypes of personality

the 29-symbols of geonumerology

From the spirit of number to the material form

Pauli, one of the fathers of quantum physics had a decisive participation in the reflection of Jung's theory of the collective unconscious (Theory of the Unus Mundus) in which he introduced the notion of archetype as coming from the human tendency to use the same "form of psychic representation given a priori".

The archetype can thus be considered as a "thought form" already registered in a human collective and which would even act as a founding principle of its tradition.

If one tries to get closer to physics one could say that the archetype acts as an attractor of any other "thought form" that comes close to it.

The vibrations emanating from each symbol tend to find another similar vibration to merge with it. All creatures, by the vibrations and wavelengths that are theirs, resonate with other beings, other entities and other forces in the universe that have the same wavelengths, the same vibrations.

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