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In height and depth
key of mysteries
« The Universe considered as a great animated Whole, composed of intelligence, soul and body, was called Pan au Phanès. Man, or the microcosm, was composed of the same, but in an inverse manner, of body, soul and intelligence; and each of these three parts was in turn considered under three modifications, so that the ternary reigning in the whole also reigned in the least of its subdivisions. »

The Golden Verses of Pythagoras 
Antoine Fabre d'Olivet

Indeed, according to the analogy and its fundamental law, Man, Nature and God are analogous (but not alike), and the principles of one are found analogously in the other, which led to the saying that man was a small world or better a world in small (Microcosm) and nature was a great world or man in great and that both reproduced the law of the divine constitution: "God made man in his image.

This is the analogy formulated in the Bible, and this is the starting point for all analogies between the Creator and the Creature, without ever being able to confuse one with the other.

Deus Homo Natura

God and his two images

As we have seen previously, in numerology numbers, that numbers 1, 5 and 9 are numbers representative of their own world.

In the first place, we will pose these three elements of study according to their brutal hierarchy:

  • Top: Deus - Spiritual World (representative number: 1)
  • Middle : Homo - Human World (representative number: 5)
  • Bottom : Natura - Physical World (representative number: 9)

Once this has been done, he will immediately look for the representation of each of the segments in the other two, since the analogy requires one or more identical terms in each of the segments, terms that it is a question here of discovering. Then he will say:

In the Physical World, there must have a characteristic element of this World (number 9), which in turn must be represented in the other two segments (numbers 3 & 6).

We will thus pose : It will be the same for the second segment, the Human Being, which must have its own element (number 5) and the representation of this element in each of the two other segments (numbers 2 & 8).

As well as for the Spiritual World which has its characteristic element (number 1) and a representation in Man/Woman (number 4) and Physical World (numbers 7). We have seen before, with the secret value of numbers, why numbers 4 and 7 are considered as "reflections" of number 1.

This is a kind of Pythagorean table, where the study elements play the role of numbers, and this was the true aspect of the Pythagorean table as used by the initiates.

Reasoning by analogy

Location and reflections

analogical grid

The analogy will allow us to fill in the places that have remained empty and that represent the elements to be discovered - and this in a very simple way. It is enough to gather in each empty square the two names of which this square is the intersection. (Pythagorean table procedure for numbers).

When you have drawn up the tables of several principles, you can move on to an even more interesting exercise: comparing of each of the principles with all its analogues in the other tables.

Imago Dei


The number 1 represents the first attribute of God as Father, Principle, Source, Unity, and Beginning of all things. The Big Bang of astrophysicists or the cell of biologists. The Infinite Light of the Kabbalah, Ain Soph.

The number 2 represents the human part of God, his visible part in the person of the Son who became incarnate (number 6) in Space and Matter (number 8). The Son (number 2) made himself intelligible to our senses by taking on the Body of Man (number 6).

"Et verbum caro factum est ~ And the Word became flesh" (John I. 14).

The  number 3 is associated with the Holy Spirit, the creative intelligence, the Logos that the Creator used to shape the Soul of the World. This number geometrically associated with the triangle corresponds to the archetype of visible forms.

The number 4 (Secret Value = 1) symbolizes the reflection of God in Man through his Mind, reflection of Spirit (number 3). The light of intellect.

The number 5, where Man is situated, is the location of the Soul between the Mind (number 4) and the Body (number 6). Its secret value is equal to that of the Holy Spirit. Both "breath" and "Holy Spirit" are translated as pneuma in Greek.

The number 6 represents the Body of man, composed of the same elements as Nature (atomic structure of the body).

The number 7 (Secret Value = 1) expresses the reflection of God in Nature through the visible light of the sun, marker of Time.

The number 8, represents Space, the place of manifestation of Matter, identical in Man and in Nature. Its secret value is identical to that of Energy (number 9). Matter is Energy (Quantum Theory).

The number 9 represents the threefold manifestation of the Primordial Energy. This number expresses the triple manifestation of the Holy Spirit (number 3) in the Natural World. 


Human being constitution


The numbers 1, 2 and 3 can be considered as the three parts of Brain.

Our brain is organized in 3 parts forming a whole: the reptilian brain, the limbic brain, the neocortex.

  • The reptilian is a fast, reflex brain, it is the seat of automatic thoughts. A speed necessary to the survival instinct. However, its committed role for survival pushes it to see things rather pessimistically.
  • On the other hand, the cortex manages complex intellectual functions such as creativity and therefore takes its time. When the reaction time of the reptilian is almost instantaneous, that of the cortex is 3 to 4 seconds.
  • And the limbic in all this, what is the purpose of the limbic? The limbic brain is the seat of emotions and our emotional memory.
the three brains

The number 4, the Brain in the Heart, is literally the intelligence of the heart associated to Intuition.

The number 5, representative number of Human World, is the place of Soul, symbolized by emotions.

The number 6 is the source of life that feeds the lower world.

The number 7, the Brain in the Abdomen is represented by solar plexus

The number 8, the Heart in the Abdomen is belly breathing.

The number 9, as an archetype of the physical world constituted by food and sexuality



Since Einstein and his famous formula E = mc2, we know that time is relative, that is to say that it varies according to the observer. 

Unification Space-Time

Einstein's formula makes it possible to treat time and space in the same frame of reference by describing a distance d in terms of time: d = ct where t is the time needed at the speed of light (c) to travel a distance d.

Matter-Energy Unification.

Quantum theory unifies the concepts of matter and energy: it is matter itself that creates its own energy by releasing an "energy field" around it. Thanks to it, we now know that matter, especially at the level of the infinitely small, is no longer matter, but energy, vibrations, and that the outcome of the experiment is influenced and even determined by the observer.

The Great Unification: the Time-Energy Continuum?

Superstring theory attempts final unification. It aims to unite the Top and the Bottom, to unite the space-time continuum and the matter-energy continuum, the container and the content. This theory describes the universe as composed of strings in constant vibration according to their tension.

This vision is reminiscent of the music of the spheres of Pythagoras or the notion of "wave lines" of the Australian aborigines who describe the universe as a mesh of intersecting lines of energy forming reality.

Depending on the wavelength of this vibration, the string would appear as such or such particle in the world of matter.

Matter occupies a certain Space. Geometry is the science of space and extent, which makes Martin Etchegoyen say in De l'Unité that "extent is the very essence of matter. Without extent, which necessarily includes in its notion the three geometric dimensions, "matter is an elusive being, absolutely incomprehensible, susceptible to increase or decrease". It is our vision of extent in 3D that gives us an idea of what matter is through the shape it takes and that first informs us.

The Spiritual World

The divine words

What our intelligence desires in the contemplation of the Trinity is to find other terms that are suitable, if not exclusively, at least especially for each of the divine persons, and this is the goal of our present section.

So If you are not a believer, you can replace the Divine World with its human equivalent: the Spiritual World, Wisdom, or choose to name God, the Archetype, the Source, the Principle, the Beginning. But the most universal idea applying to the number 1 is above all the idea of unity, monad, or first cause. It is the archetypal center of Creation, formless and dimensionless, therefore indivisible, and therefore the only image that can be given to the Creator.

Pater ~ Filius ~ Spiritus Sanctus

Papus, who was one of the first translators of the Sepher Yetsirah in 1888, teaches us in his Elementary Treatise on the Occult Sciences that in the Kabbalah :

« We call Father the divine principle that acts on the general course of the Universe, Son the principle in action in Humanity, and Holy Spirit the principle in action in Nature. »

Vita ~ Verbum ~ Lux

For PFG Lacuria in The Harmonies of Being Expressed by Numbers:

« These three words seem to apply to divine personalities, for one of them, Verbum, is recognized by the Church as the proper name of the Son. The Holy Spirit manifested Himself as light by descending upon the apostles in tongues of fire. There remains life to characterize the Father, and, in any case, this denomination suits him.

Unity is in the Father, equality in the Son, harmony of unity and equality in the Holy Spirit. These three things are one because of the Father, equal because of the Son, related because of the Holy Spirit. »

Strength ~ Love ~ Wisdom

« For it is not a spirit of timidity that God has given us, but a spirit of power, love and wisdom. »

2Timothy 1:7 

Man, therefore, manifests himself as a thinking, feeling and acting being; he thinks with his intellect, he feels with his heart, he acts with his will.

The ideal of the intellect is wisdom, that of the heart is love, and that of the will is power.

Power, love and wisdom are the three attributes by which the Divinity is defined. Power, love and wisdom are the true trinity.

When the Christian religion presents the Trinity as the mystery of one God in three persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), in reality it is the three forms in which the Divinity is manifested: the Father is Power (life), the Son is Love (warmth), and the Holy Spirit is Wisdom (light).

« The source of all good things is wisdom, and wisdom begins with self-knowledge. »


The Truth ~ The Good ~ The Beauty

You who seek to develop yourself perfectly in the three worlds, physical, spiritual and divine; you who seek love, wisdom and the truth; you who seek freedom, power and happiness, you must know that you can only find them if you can have one goal in life, if you can walk in one direction.
What are Ideas? They are eternal principles, archetypes, powers that work to form and shape the universe and that we assimilate to the Divine World.
This is the root that founds me in the world of ideas and which, immersed in the sensible, engenders the person I am?". For our real identity is none other than our origin.

Think in Threes

From the matrix of numbers to the three of ideas

The matrix presentation suffers from a certain form of rigidity and offers limited possibilities of extension.

The tree presentation mode allows a better visualization of the relationships between the first nine numbers and the Three Worlds.

The other advantage of the tree over the matrix is to provide a dynamic representation (in extension in opposition with reduction) of the unit deployment in a ternary, or better tri-unit mode.

The Attributes are identifiable by their color: yellow~divine, red~human and green~natural.

Each element or "node" of the tree is connected: 

  • to its mother branch (left);
  • to its two sister branches (vertically);
  • and to its three daughter branches (right). 

The number 4, the location of the Spirit in Man (The Mind), is the reflection of Unity in the Human World and synthesizes the three preceding numbers. The number 6, location of the Body, is a reflection of Natural World and synthesizes its numbers (7, 8 and 9). The number 5 is characteristic of man through what differentiates him from other animal species, his Soul

In view of this diagram, we better understand the words of Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin in his book Des Nombres

« There is a division of the universal picture recognized by all observers in the order of true philosophy, it is that by which one distinguishes the divine region, the spiritual region and the natural region. It is also recognized that there is a correspondence of the divine region to the two spiritual and natural regions, and that consequently the numbers of the divine order must have their representatives and images in these two regions. But those who do not have the key to the numbers are exposed to great misunderstanding when they want to fix or contemplate these correspondences. »

In this quotation (above), the Spiritual World corresponds to the Human or Psychological World in Geonumerology, the Divine World being assimilated to the Spiritual World.

Each number corresponds to a well-defined location in the tree. The position or place it occupies in the tree (or matrix) informs us about its deep nature. It is this place that gives it its own quality.

We thus have a way to map numbers by assigning them a place, a very precise location in the matrix that we call the Loci method in reference to this mnemonic method used since antiquity in the art of memory. This method consists in associating new elements that one wishes to memorize with places that are already well known.

From matrix to the tree
« And in a grandiose vision, Pythagoras saw the worlds move according to the rhythm and harmony of the sacred numbers. He saw the equilibrium of earth and sky whose balance is held by human freedom; the three worlds: natural, human and divine supporting each other, determining each other and playing the universal drama by a double movement, descending and ascending. »

Golden Verses of Pythagoras. Translated by Fabre d'Olivet.

The Tree of Three Worlds

The Human Being between heaven and earth

« Through his thoughts and feelings, man has the choice to direct his destiny. By applying Wisdom to his Thoughts, Love to his Feelings, he will benefit from Strength in his Actions.  The supreme commandment of initiation is to reproduce divine perfection in the perfection of the soul, and the secret of science lies in the chain of similarities and correspondences that unites in growing circles the particular with the universal, the finite and the infinite. »

The Great Initiates ~ E. Schuré.

Man is made up of three fundamental principles: intellect (4), heart (5) and will (6).

  • The intellect (4) needs light (7) to acquire Wisdom (3),
  • the heart (5) needs warmth (8) to feel love (2),
  • and our will (6) needs power, energy (9), to manifest its truth its intention, its strength (1).

Will (6) is linked to love (2). If you do not love something, you will have no desire to work to achieve it. You'll be forced, and when you're forced, it usually gets stuck.

True strength comes from the union of Love (2) and wisdom (3). But the true strength is in truth (1) because truth (1) is the privileged domain of the mind.

Truth (1) must embrace the totality of beings and things. Truth (1) is unity. It is in unity that everything is included, everything is understood, everything is resolved.

The Tripartition of Human Being

Man in the image of the Whole

Man needs to be in tune with himself, to live in unity, he needs his intellect (4), his heart (5) and his will (6) to walk together.
If he is continually caught up in contradictions, he cannot find balance and he suffers. For some, this imbalance is so great that it leads them to neurosis, to madness.
The three fundamental activities by which man is characterized are thought, which has as its instrument the intellect (4), feeling, which has as its instrument the heart (5), and action, which has as its instrument the physical body (6).
The physical body (6) needs energy, movement (9) to maintain its ideal of Health (1).
The heart (5) needs to feel dilated, it aspires to embrace more and more space (8) to fully feel Love (2).
The intellect (4) needs to be enlightened (7) in its quest for Wisdom (3).

Geonumerology matrix

The "Self", the "Me "and the "I"

Matrix of geonumerology's ideas

The process of individuation consists in experiencing the Higher Self (one’s innermost desires) in the reality of the Lower Self (the "I" acting) by the intermediary of the Conscious Self (the conscious "Me"), in a search for coherence.

The goal is to join the above and below in order to restore the link between the two poles for energy to flow.

GeoNumerology is mainly interested in the human level, adapting the terms devoted to the Three Worlds:

  • The Divine World or Spiritual World, that of the highest idea we have of Self; the archetypal force that drives us to act;
  • The Human World, or Psychological World breaks down into thoughts, feelings and actions. It is the seat of the conscious Self, the "Me". Its organs are the brain, the heart and the belly.
  • Finally, the Natural World is the theater where the manifestation of the "Me" takes place through the "I" of the ego, which wearing multiple masks (persona in latin) acts in the community at several levels. The "Me" is in relation to the "next other" and the "I" to the "distant other".

Each individual has 5 personal symbols (obtained by the Name) plus a sixth, that of the path of life (obtained by the date of birth).

Each symbol activates one of the boxes of the matrix.

The first thing to take into account is therefore to know how many different numbers your profile is composed of (with a maximum of 5, at first).

These numbers (Who) represent the major cards you were given on the day you were born to play the game of life.

Placed within the matrix of 9 numbers (Where), they activate the corresponding boxes of the matrix and the qualities associated with them. The inactive boxes represent your unconscious shadow.

The advantage of such a practice is to be able to visualize at a glance the missing numbers as well as the excess numbers, their position in the three worlds and their reciprocal relations, forming, or not, a path between the Bottom and the Top.

A balanced distribution of personal symbols throughout the Three Worlds favors a complete fulfilment of the individual, who in this way achieves Tri-Unity within themselves.

The root of all problems can be attributed to either a lack or an excess (3 numbers or more in a given World).

Some people have no symbols at all in one world or another, which makes the task of re-joining them more complicated. It is more difficult for them to assert the totality of their being.

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