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Become your True Self
and find your Way

Geonumerology help you to find the highest version of yourself

the highest version of yourself

Become your True Self

and find your way

GeoNumerology is directed at anyone wishing to evolve towards a higher, deeper version of oneself. In particular, it allows you to connect to your real needs and to become aware of your place in the universe and to become your own instructor.

Do you feel like you don’t belong, or you’ve lost your place? Perhaps you feel a disconnect between the way others perceive you and the image you have of yourself? Or is it simply an imbalance between who you would like to be and where you are now?

Not to worry, this discomfort, this oppressive feeling is very often the prelude to an "awakening". It is difficult for some to break their chains, to act on their own, regardless of the opinion of those around them, through making their own choices.

This is often where the main problem lies. Not knowing the answer to the question "Who am I?"

Finding your way and becoming your True Self goes through a triple integration: temporal, spatial and energetic.

« There comes a time in the evolution of any soul when the primary concern is no longer the survival of the physical body, but the growth of the soul; it is no longer a question of achieving material success, but of Self-realization. »

~ Conversations with God ~
Neal Donald Walsch

What's the point?

Geonumerology use ACE Method to help you identify your true personality.

Alignment heart and mind
individuality and personality
balance of energies


Are your thoughts,
feelings and actions connected?


Is there harmony 
between the Self,
the "Me" and the "I".


The forces
that animate You
are they balanced?


Between the three poles of my personality

The quest for Alignment goes through a process of “Reconnection” between “I what I think”, “what I say” and “what I do”. The process consists in connecting the three planes of the individual, to re-establish the connections between the top and the bottom.

Man needs to be in harmony with himself, to live in unity, he needs his intellect (number 4), his heart (number 5) and his will (number 6) to work together.

If he is continually caught up in contradictions, he cannot find his balance and he suffers. For some, this imbalance is so great that it leads them to neurosis or psychosis.

Our evolution must take place in the three worlds, physical, psychic and spiritual. This is the meaning of the words of Hermès Trismegistus at the end of the Emerald Table: "This is why I was called Trismegistus, having the three parts of universal philosophy. "

the three worlds in Man


Living in coherence with oneself
Living in coherence with oneself

Current numerology is limited to a psychological assessment of the individual. However, the feeling of discomfort often comes from a loss of connection with the sacred, with our inner being, with the fundamental idea buried deep within us and which unconsciously guides our steps.

Geonumerology is not limited to listing the qualities and defects of a person. It allows you to know where you are on your path of evolution, the world in which you are most suited to express yourself (spiritual, psychic or physical) and on what qualities you can to build on to attain the highest version of yourself.

The conscious Self (the "Me"), the psychological level) experiences regular impulses deep within itself from the Higher Self. The latter seeks to make itself heard, to rise to the surface, to give its instructions to the Ego. However the Conscious Self is too busy managing the ‘I’ or Lower Self’s relationships with others: family, friends, work, leaving little time to focus on itself.

The quest for Coherence involves a “Recentering” process. It is about the need for cohesion between what I want to become and what I am. The process consists in bringing the central core of our personality back to the surface, to exteriorize our innermost feelings.


To harmonize by managing the lack and the excess

The source of all problems is either a lack or an excess. Some people have no symbol in one world or another which makes the process of re-connection more difficult. It is more difficult for them to affirm their whole being.

The quest for Harmony is a process of "Rebalancing" between "what I give" and "what I receive" and "what I do with it".


The work at stake is to balance the two scales, to unify the forces that attract and those that repel, those that coagulate and those that dissolve, in a regular and harmonious rhythm that guarantees the crystallisation of life.

The study of your personal symbols allows you to identify the lines of force that animate them and thus to better grasp the nature of the energy that inhabits you and how to develop it.

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