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Life path number

What you have to experience
What's your mission on earth?

What is Life Path Number?

Easy or karmic?

The Life Path number is obtained by adding the values of the day, month and year of birth.

life path calcul

The Life Path number represents, in a way, our mission, the program to which we must dedicate our incarnation. The Way of Life tells us what we came here to do, what we came to learn in order to evolve.

The symbol of the Way of Life acts as a landmark in our lives, when we go through trials or make choices. It is surprising to note that in most themes, the life path symbol appears very often at the beginning of life and then seems to obscure a good part of life to reappear around the age of 40/50.

Finally, another role of the life path is to allow, in some cases, to rebalance the personal profile composed of 5 personal numbers.

Do you already have this symbol or is it absent from your profile? In the first case, will your life path be easier since you already have the qualities needed to take it? If not, you will have to acquire its qualities in the course of your experience, it will be called a Karmic Path.

Life path

Calculating your personal year number

Influence of the current year on your theme
personal year

How will this year influence your theme?

The symbol of the current year invites us to work on its qualities, to use our energy, to play the right card at the right time.

It tells us where we are in our current cycle: at the beginning or at the end, in a phase of waiting or action, in introspection or extroversion, etc. It is a symbol that shows us where we are in our current cycle.

In Geonumerology, the Personal Year starts on the birthday, when we change our age.

The number of your Personal Year is obtained by adding the values of the day and month of birth to the current year.

personal year calcul

Your personal timeline

Your key years

The numerological years follow one another but are not alike... except that the numbers from 1 to 9 come back cyclically, a promise of eternal restarts and new beginnings. Cycles can be interesting to consult if you want to know if it is wise to start a project, move, etc...

Since each of the first 9 numbers is related to a universal law, it makes perfect sense to apply it to yourself as well by highlighting the qualities of the current year.

Your personal timeline

Where am I in my current cycle?

What are the key years of this decade?
Where am I in my current cycle?

Geonumerology is essentially based on the notion of cycles in its temporal approach. These cycles are visualized by themselves by viewing your timeline. They serve as markers, pivotal dates that mark out your path.

The presence of one of your personal symbols in the timeline indicates that all the energies of the year are present to highlight the qualities related to the symbol in question.

Under no circumstances should you consider the last date as a deadline, a sign of your end of life: in our study, we have voluntarily and arbitrarily limited the number of dates displayed.

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