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Frequently Asked Questions

You will find below the answers to the questions that we are most often the realization of a personal study

General Questions

personality traits

Is it for me?

If you want to know how others perceive you or if you wish to reconnect to your essential needs and become the Master of the Game, Geonumerology allows you to speed up the process by providing you with a map of your inner kingdom. Are you ready to dive into yourself ?

What will I learn about myself?

Knowing yourself well begins with understanding the different "degrees of being" that we are made of. You will first discover your "dominant function" : intellectual, emotional or instinctive. You will become aware of your preferred energy mode: attractive, expansive or integrating, as well as your process of capturing and processing information: through reason, intuition or experience. Finally, and certainly the most important, you will be able to visualize for yourself the path that will allow you to connect your different selves within the framework of a harmonious evolution, in which you will become the cause and no longer the consequence.

What is the difference with numerology?

Numerology associates numbers with ideas according to a process which very often remains unexplained. Its reasoning is linear, isolated (a number then a number) and "above-ground", without reference to the structure which accommodates the first 9 numbers, and whose study proves to be at least as important as the numbers themselves — especially through the relationships it allows to be established between the three planes of reality: spiritual, psychological and physical.

Geonumerology bases its interpretations, on the one hand, on the geometric form of a number and, on the other hand, on the position occupied by the number within the matrix of ideas. By combining these two aspects, form and idea, numbers suddenly takes on multiple faces.

How quickly is the study delivered? ?

Expect between 48h and 72h. Your study is completely personal and requires putting yourself in a bubble to be able to carry it out serenely. This is why I only carry out a maximum of three studies per day, except in exceptional cases. Beyond that, I consider that we would be entering an industrial process, which would dehumanize the concept.

Basics Questions

life path

On which personal data geonumerology is based

On the one hand on your name to define your personality traits and on the other hand on your date of birth to know your destiny, your personal mission...

Is there a print version of the study?

Unfortunately not at the moment, but we will study any special request, especially for birthday gifts.

What first name should I use?

The first name to take into account is the one you use on a daily basis to introduce yourself or sign an email. Only the words "vocalized" are transmitters of energy.

What last name to use for women?

If you are married and bear your husband's name, it is the marital name that should be taken into account and not the maiden name.
As a fact, personality of a woman can change when she is married ...
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