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Circle Symbolism

One the All
circle symbolism

Geometry of circle

Center, radius and circumference

Ternary constitution of circle

The point is a circle that waits to develop until a radius is established, a relationship between it and its circumference. The circle consists of three elements:

  • the center is the origin, the principle, the starting point from one to the multiple;
  • the radius which represents the extension of the point in space;
  • the circumference which marks the limit of the figure.

Expansion vs contraction

The rays of the circle symbolize this double movement of expansion and contraction, of expiration and inspiration, between the Principle and its manifestation.

Just as the rays of a circle converge towards the center, or diverge from it depending on the angle from which one considers, as the human mind located at the Center, perceives and reflects, receives impulses from the outside world.

The ray is the condition of transmission. It is the link, between the center and the circumference, the individual and the world, the inside and the outside, allowing a permanent passage from one to the other.

center radius circumference

Spirit - Soul - Matter

The center symbolizes the spirit that will manifest itself in the matter represented by the circumference through the intermediary of the soul.

From the idea to the realization, the central point will operate an incessant to-and-fro between the center and the periphery.

On the size and direction of the ray will depend the vision that the mind will have of the world. The one and only thing that varies in a circle is the length of its radius, the circumference always being proportional to it according to the formula C = 2 x radius x π. For a circle with a radius of 0.5 cm (or a diameter of 1 cm), the circumference equals 3.14 cm.

The radius of the circumference, according to P.V. Piobb in his Universal Key of the Secret Sciences:

« stands out as the only means that the human being can use to understand in the sense of containing, of delimiting. In this sense the circumference is the best figure for a delimitation, the most rational. »

The Logos or Verbum

There is a principle that unites the parts, but the parts do not necessarily see universality because of the difference in their form.

Among the Greeks, this relationship is called the Logos, or Logic, or Reason. It is also called the "Word" because it is thought, word and action at the same time. It is the wave associated with the particle. Link between unity and multiplicity allowing to keep a unique Order.

power of the Verb
All the symbols of Geonumerology
derive from the radius.
« The Divinity used only one character to give each creature its sign, its figure and its form, so that they appear as so many miracles of the celestial or terrestrial Mystery.

Thus, we see that all the human faculties come from a single Root and a single Mother: otherwise, a man would not be able to understand the verb of another.

Everything that is corporeal is the same essence, plants, trees and animals; but each one differs according to whether in the beginning the Verb Fiat imprinted a quality on it.

And these actions are imprinted in the external form, proportionally to the force of the internal action: they are the ones that model in man, his system of thought, his way of expressing himself, his preferred mode of action. »

~ De La Signature des Choses ~ 
Jacob Boehme

Symbolism of Circle

The being and the environment

The pointed circle

The central point represents the Being who will have to animate, with the help of his rays, the entire Universe (the circumference) so that matter does not remain shapeless and empty. According to his "open-mindedness", his "degree of evolution", this circle will encompass his family, his friends, humanity, the entire universe, God. Unless he decides to go around in circles around himself, without any opening to the outside.

The Divine Principle that resides in the center of the Being is sometimes represented by a seed, or a seed, because it represents the Being only virtually, as long as a link is not traced between it and the World, symbolized by the circumference.

outer shape of the symbol 10

⨀ God, Star, Sun
⨀ Man, Self
⨀ Cell, Atom, Seed

The figure of the dotted circle can be found at all stages of creation. From the Big Bang to the solar system, from the atom to the cell, from the seed to the man, this symbol seems universal. It represents the unity, the source, the principle or the center of a world.

It is the principle from which everything starts and everything returns. He is the seed that contains the creative force. From him all the forces that will spread infinitely in the 6 directions of the cosmos. It is also towards him that they converge. It is the point of departure and completion, the place where opposites unite, where all oppositions are resolved.

The two influences

Geonumerology studies man by observing him from the inside and outside, allowing him to distinguish between the "appearance" and the acts of "being". Above all, it is the total man who interests us, the properly human man, in search of his lost divinity.

the two forces of universe
Human nature is made up of two parts:
  • the being in itself, which represents its inner and active side;
  • the whole of the influences of the environment in which it manifests itself, and which represent its external and passive side.
Center and periphery represent the two forces that act on us:
  • the forces of the center (centripetal), of the spirit, regenerate us;
  • while those of the periphery (centrifugal), of matter, crush us.
« Any attraction produces a centripetal movement, therefore a "condensation", to which will correspond, at the opposite pole, a "dissipation" determined by a centrifugal movement, so as to re-establish or rather maintain total equilibrium. »

Rene-Guénon ~ La Grande Triade

The three spheres or bodies

mind heart body
« Every being endowed with 
a single existence
is triple in its mechanism
double in the trends of its polarity. »

René Allendy

"Know thyself ... ». This formula, which was inscribed on the pediment of the temple of Delphi, has been interpreted by very few. Who is this "self" that we need to know? Is it our character, our personality, our qualities and weaknesses?

Knowing ourselves is much more than that. Knowing ourselves means becoming aware of the different bodies we are made of, from the thickest to the most subtle, of the principles that animate these bodies, of the needs they make us feel and of the states of consciousness that correspond to them.

But let's come back to these different bodies. The three fundamental activities by which man is characterized are thought (using the intellect as an instrument), feeling (using the heart as an instrument) and action (using the physical body as an instrument).

A long esoteric tradition teaches that the support, the vehicle of feeling is the astral body, and that of the intellect is the mental body.

In our earthly self we are therefore a trinity that thinks, feels and acts. But this trinity is still only a very inferior reflection of the other celestial trinity waiting for us to join it.

Circle in Psychology

Symbol of the individual or the Self

The relationship of the Self to the I is described by Jung either as that of the Earth revolving around the Sun, or as that of a circle included in another circle of larger diameter, or as the son in relation to the father.

In humans this circle seems to have several layers:

  • the Self located in the center represents your deepest nature, the highest vision you have of yourself, your ideal in a way;
  • the Me is your conscious personality that thinks, feels and acts;
  • the I represents the I in action in the community, the way others perceive you.

There is an unconscious part in the "Me" as well as in the "I", the collective unconscious. This is the invisible part that we can access by expanding our self-consciousness.

Pythagoras rules

⨀ Self
⨀ Me
⨀ I


Layers of personality

« The Self is not only the center, but also the complete circumference that embraces both conscious and unconscious; it is the center of this totality just as the self is the center of consciousness. »

Carl Gustav Jung, My Life 

Jung uses here the notion of circumference to define the Self because it is most often symbolically represented by the circle, the circle means the whole, the unification, the protective envelope, the separation between the inside, the Self and the outside, the non-self.

This implies that each individual is at the same time a compound, a component and an entity of its own. Composed of integrated layers of self superimposed on the image of Russian popes. Component because it is often integrated into larger wholes (family, work, etc.). But it still forms an entity of its own with its borders, its self-preservation and exchange devices with its environment.

The individuation aims at gathering all the fragments of consciousness located in the various degrees of being, whether their nature is spiritual, intellectual, emotional, sensory or corporeal.

« Each existence is like a circle that the human being describes around a center. According to his degree of evolution this center is either himself, his family, society or the Lord. Turning around oneself is the worst of conditions: the circle that is described in this way is extremely tight and is getting narrower every day. 
Each one of us is a center that traces circumferences that grow and shrink as we learn more and more. »

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Circle in Philosophy and Spirituality

All is one

Polygons of circle

Division of circle

The circle, considered as the symbol of the All, of the whole manifestation, will then be studied according to its divisions through the system of the polygons of the circle. There are 24 dividers of the circle and 22 regular polygons.


The Great Architect of Universe

From the Greek poly, "several" and gônia, "angles". A regular polygon is a plane figure (2D) whose all sides have the same length and whose angles are all equal. Among the 29 symbols of Geonumerology, 8 are polygons of the circle.

By figuring it in polygonal form, P.V. Piobb (1874-1942), in The Universal Key to the Secret Sciences, states that we come to know « what each number represents in an absolute way - independently of what it can express as a quantity in a calculation. »

« God is an infinite sphere
whose center is everywhere
and the circumference nowhere. »

Timaeus of Locres, Pythagorean philosopher ~ 5th B.C.

Yin Yang

Polarisation of circle

The yin and the yang are the two components, opposed but complementary, which make it possible to approach the phenomena of the Life and the Cosmos. The yin and the yang cannot exist one without the other, and can only be defined by association.


The yin is associated with the black part of the symbol (negative, matter, night, female, winter...), and the yang with its white part (positive, spirit, day, male, summer...).

« I am One, Atoum,
which becomes Two,
I am Two, Chou and Tefnout, 
which becomes Four,
I am Four who becomes Eight,
and I remain One. »

Text inscribed on the sarcophagus
of a priest of Amon (XXIIth dynasty).

The alchemical formula solve et coagula contains in a certain way all the secret of the "Great Work", that is to say, the process of universal manifestation from two opposite phases that can be summarized as expansion (exhalation) and contraction (inhalation), such as the double movement of the heart.

They are thus assimilated to the actions of the updraft and downdraft of cosmic energy, in other words to the respective actions of Yang - male force of expansion - and Yin - female force of contraction.

Flower of life

Addition of circles

The name Flower of Life was made popular by Drunvalo Melchizedek through his two books on "The ancient secret of the Flower of Life".

We have seen that the name Rosace was also used to qualify this figure at the end of the Middle Ages. It was also known by Leonardo da Vinci at the same time.

Its Egyptian origin is beyond doubt. Its presence can be seen in one of the temples of Abydos, dedicated to Osiris.


Based on a fractal growth made of a succession of  Vesica Piscis, the diagram of the Flower of Life is a visual representation of the deployment of the unit, represented by a circle, in space and time.

The duplication of the circle occurs simultaneously in the 6 directions of space, in an isotropic manner with respect to the center.

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