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The nine universal laws

A Practical Guide to Harmonious Life

This ebook not only presents these fundamental laws, it demystifies them by linking them to the symbols of sacred geometry. This unique approach enables you to gain a deep, intuitive understanding of the principles that govern the universe, by visualizing them through the prism of the most fundamental geometric forms.

Why this E-book ?

A practical method for integrating universal laws into your daily life

Understanding & Identification

Description of how laws work in the three worlds: spiritual, mental and physical, with concrete examples.

Alignment & Connection

In a world where it's easy to feel isolated or disconnected, these laws remind us that we are inextricably linked to the whole Universe.

Memorization & Integration

Numbers and symbols act as visual and conceptual anchors to help you remember universal laws.

About the author

A practical method for integrating universal laws into your daily life

By understanding and respecting these universal laws, we align ourselves with the divine order, and find our rightful place in the vast symphony of existence...

Numbers are not just abstract symbols, but concrete representations of the forces at work in the universe. By understanding the essence of a number, by constructing it geometrically in space, we simultaneously understand the essence of a law. This close correspondence between numbers, symbols and laws offers us a dual pathway to understanding: through the intellect and through intuition.

Christophe Genty

Creator of Geo-Numerology

Innovative content

The universal laws, those timeless principles that govern the order and harmony of the universe, are given new life thanks to an innovative approach that repositions them in a meaningful order and associates them with numbers and symbols.

300 pages

The entire book is over 300 pages long. You can also order the three volumes separately:

- Volume 1: Introduction to the method + The three constitutive laws : law of unity, law of polarity and ternary law.
- Volume 2: the three human laws: law of intention, law of attraction and law of analogy.
- Volume 3: the three natural laws: the law of cycles, the law of cause and effect and the law of transmutation + relationships between the 9 laws + conclusion + appendix.

120 illustrations

Representing the 9 laws with symbols offers a powerful visualization and deeper understanding of these universal principles. Symbols are visual forms that transcend linguistic and cognitive barriers, enabling direct communication with our intuitive spirit.

Multi-media readability

Whether you're comfortably at home with your tablet, on the move with your smartphone or in front of your computer at the office, your iBook adapts perfectly to each device. Enjoy a fluid layout, sharp images and clear, legible text, whatever the size of your screen.

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The 9 universal laws
- A practical guide to harmonious living -
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Some comments from readers

"A must-have for anyone seeking to align their daily life with the rhythms of the universe."

Franck B.

"This practical guide opened my eyes to universal truths that I had always felt but never really understood."

Fiorella M.

"Since reading this e-book, I've seen the world with renewed depth and clarity."

Christophe D.

"This e-book's practical approach to such vast concepts is nothing short of revolutionary."

Murielle C.

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