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Anatomy of the number 12

Symbol of the division of the circle into two equal parts.

the different ways to get the number 3 in numerology

All numbers with the number 3 for reduction are obtained using the following two forms:
• 12 = 1 + 2 = 3
• 30 = 3 + 0

The number 12 appears in 90% of the cases. In other words, all three are 12 except 30.

Composed of a Vesica Piscis to which a circle is added. Symbol of the Trinity (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit), of the ternary constitution of Man (Spirit, Soul and Body) or of the Three Worlds (Divine, Human and Natural). More generally, it evokes the creative spark that springs from polarity.

"Omnia trinum est perfectum"
~ Anything that comes in threes is perfect ~

John 14.6

the geometric composition of the number 12symbol of the number 12

The Creative

The Triquetra

number 12 archetype of the Creativesymbol of the number 12

A real will-o'-the-wisp, you can't stand still, overflowing with ideas and projects you are young in spirit, sometimes even a little immature. In the quest for your place in humanity, you do not hate honours.

Like a chameleon, you can adapt to any environment, and know how to show your spirit in all circumstances. A true well of knowledge, you are in search of full consciousness. You express yourself by visualizing your creations to the public. Beware of dispersion.

"The Eternal Reason has produced the Unique;
The One has produced the Two;
the Two produced the Three;
the Three produced all things." 

Lao Tzu ~ Tao Te King


the mental triangle - activepersonnalite du nombre 12 femmethe emotional circle - activethe material square - passive

The ternary composition of the symbol

Spirit, Soul and Body

spirit of number 12

Spirit of the symbol

  • 1 + 2 = 3
  • Grid: Rosette (but adaptable to all)
  • Position of the units: center and periphery.
  • Decision-making mode: intuition
soul of number 12

The Soul of the Symbol

  • Mode: Metamorphosis
  • Type: Integration
  • Orientation: Exchange
  • Axes: ternary - angle = 120 °
body of number 12

The Body of the symbol

  • Emotional Body
  • Composition: 3 plain circles centre-to-centre..
  • Proceeds from: Vesica Piscis (11).
  • Evolves towards: the Templar Cross (23).
vibration frequency of the number 12

Vibratory resonance

  • Frequency: 1080 Hz
  • Lower octave: 540 Hz
  • Upper octave: 2160 Hz

The spirit of the place

Number and position of units making up the number 12

Wisdom at the service of an idea

"I aspire to unite Strength (1), Love (2) and Wisdom (3)"

Your symbol is located in the World of Archetypes (on the first line, which represents the idea that one has of oneself, and in particular here one's own aspirations), and in the attribute of Wisdom (in the third column, the one that evokes the relationship between the Self and society/universe).

Location in the matrix:

  • World: Spiritual ~ The “Higher Self”.
  • Attribute: Wisdom
  • Favorite tool: the Eyes.
  • Arithmetic decomposition: 1 + 2
  • Algebraic typology: compounded number.
  • Additional number: 7
  • Matrix topology:
    • Present in a world (Spi).
    • Endowed with three attributes (Spi~Psy~Phy).
Location of number 12 in the matrix of Three Worlds

Location in the matrix: 3

Top row - Third column

12 = 1 + 2 = 3

The paths of expression of the number 12

Path of evolution (Materialize the Spirit) where you must express Wisdom.

paths of expression of the number 3
Check to see if these numbers or symbols are present in your profile.

Having the number 3 as the number of expression, represented by the Triquetra, symbol of the number 12, expresses a jovial personality, lively in spirit, always in search of truth.

Expressing Wisdom is not an easy task. Not everyone has the same interests as yours. You will have to rely on symbols located in the two lower worlds to fulfill your vocation. Such is the case of the "arrows" formed by the numbers 753 - 853.

path of expression 357 of the Initiate and 358 of the Protector
  • The "arrow 753" represents the three stages of initiation and reflects the expansion of consciousness.
  • The "arrow 853" integrates all the elements of the Egg of Life (3 + 5 = 8), representing a solidification, densification of 8 "emotional bodies", giving it the highest vibratory rate of all the symbols of Geonumerology.

Symbolic keys

Symbolic systems linked to the number 12

The meanings of the symbol

  • On the spiritual or divine level: the Holy Spirit, the three persons of the Trinity.
  • On the psychic or human level: man's ternary constitution in Spirit, Soul and Body.
  • On the physical or natural level: ternary constitution of the Universe in Time, Space and Energy.
  • Common sense: Three in one. The three primary colors.
  • Esoteric sense: the septenary Tri-Unit.
  • Family in geonumerology: Flower of Life.

Evolution advices

  • Risk: dispersal, scattering.
  • Law at stake: Creation.
  • Work to be done: materializing ideas.
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