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Anatomy of the number 70

Symbol of Light, knowledge and the "Spiritual Body".

the different ways to get the number 7 in numerology

All numbers with the number 7 for reduction are obtained using the following four forms:
• 16 = 1 + 6 = 7
• 25 = 2 + 5 = 7
• 34 = 3 + 4 = 7
• 70 = 7 + 0 = 7

The number 70 is the rarest of all, appearing in only 10% of cases.

The Centered Hexagram concentrates the energies in the center ensuring a beautiful harmony to the symbol. Symbol of Light, Knowledge, Philosophy.

the geometric composition of the number 70symbol of the number 70

The Mystic

The Centered Star

number 70 archetype of the Mysticsymbol of the number 70

The Centered Hexagram, or seven-pointed star, symbolizes the phases of the alchemical process that aims to obtain the Philosopher's Stone. Associated with the seven planets and the seven colors, it symbolizes the multiplication of intellectual and spiritual experiences.

Your capacity for analysis and your thirst for understanding mean that you like to forage for many sources of knowledge. Beware of illusions.

Per aspera ad astra
« By arduous paths to the stars. »

the mental triangle - activepersonnalite du nombre 70 hommethe emotional circle - passivethe material square - passive

The ternary composition of the symbol

Spirit, Soul and Body

Spirit of number 70

Spirit of the symbol

  • 7 + 0 = 7
  • Grid: Triangulation
  • Position of the units: center and periphery only
  • Decision-making mode: reason
Soul of number 70

The Soul of the Symbol

  • Mode: Attraction
  • Type: Concentration
  • Orientation: inwards
  • Axes: senary - angle : 60 °
inner axes of symbol 70

The Body of the symbol

  • Mental Body -> Spiritual Body
  • Composition: two triangles whose tips are connected to the center
  • Proceeds from: Hexagram (33)
  • Evolves towards: Cube (17)
vibration frequency of the number 70

Vibratory resonance

  • Frequency: 360 Hz
  • Lower octave: 180 Hz
  • Upper octave: 720 Hz

The spirit of the place

Number and position of units making up the number 70

My Will in the Service of an Idea

"I realize my full potential by sharing my spiritual search with the community."

In the matrix, 7_7 is located in the Physical World (in the third line, which represents the "I" and its manifestation in the community), and in the attribute of Light, Knowledge (in the first column, the one that evokes ideas, thoughts and the power of intention).

Place in the matrix :

  • World: Natural (Physical World) ~ The "I".
  • Attribute: Light, Knowledge.
  • Favorite tool: The Eyes.
  • Arithmetic decomposition: 7 + 0
  • Algebraic typology: solitary number.
  • Matrix topology :
    • Present in a single world (Phy).
    • With a single attribute (Spi).
  • Complementary number: 3
Location of number 70 in the matrix of Three Worlds

Location in the matrix: 7

Bottom row - First column

70 = 7 + 0 = 7

The paths of expression of the number 70

Path of involution (Spiritualize the Matter) where you must express Light and Wisdom

paths of expression of the number 7
Check to see if these numbers or symbols are present in your profile.

 the Diameter,

Having the number 7 as the number of expression represented by the Centered Hexahragram makes you a "representative" of knowledge. With a seeker's soul, this profile likes solitude. Gifted for teaching, writing or sciences, it draws its energy from within. Possessing the form of the "Spiritual Body" he is attracted by religion, philosophy and ancient sciences.

Several paths exist to express the Knowledge of the centered hexagram but some paths are more promising than others, because they allow a favorable alignment of energies for the realization of his vocation. Such is the case in particular of the "arrows" formed of the numbers 147 and 167

path of expression 147 of the Guide and 167 of the Creator

For example all the numbers of the "arrow 741" are reflections of the unit: 4 = 1+2+3+4 = 10 = 1 and 7 = 1+2+3+4+5+6+7 = 28 = 1
The "arrow 167" is that of the creator (1), revealed to the public (7) thanks to his creation (6).

Symbolic keys

Symbolic systems linked to the number 70

The meanings of the symbol

  • On the spiritual or divine level: the Creation
  • On the psychic or human level: rebirth
  • On the physical or natural level: the light of Sun
  • Common sense: fractal homothety
  • Esoteric meaning: Triangulation
  • Family in geonumerology: Mixed symbol.

Evolution advices

  • Risk: complexification, excess.
  • Law at stake: law of cycles.
  • Work to be done: Solidification (17)
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