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Anatomy of the number 11

Symbol of the Word, the link and Love

the different ways to get the number 2 in numerology

All the numbers having the number 2 for reduction are obtained using the two following forms:
• 11 = 1 + 1 = 2
• 20 = 2 + 0 = 2

The number 11 appears in 90% of cases. Suffice to say that both are 11 except 20. A serious questioning of this number as "master-number"!

Composed of two circles united center-to-center, the Vesica Piscis is the ancestral symbol of Christ (in the image of the Father). More generally, it evokes the relationship between Me and the Other, between the Me and the Self (our little inner voice).

"I am the way, the truth, and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through me. "

 John 14.6

the geometric composition of the number 11symbol of the number 11

The Advisor

The Vesica Piscis

Number 11, archetype of the Advisorsymbol of the number 11

Symbol of the prime couple, this symbol evokes the relationship between the Other and Me. Like your symbol, consisting of the area of ​​intersection between the two circles, you pick up external information by vibrational resonance. Your natural empathy has allowed you to develop an extraordinary intuition. However, learn to better protect yourself from bad waves, you are so easily affected. It is also the sign of people who only come true through Love and cannot envisage an existence alone.

"You carry within yourself a sublime friend whom you do not know. For God resides in the interior of every man, but can know how to find him."

~ Bhagavad-Gita

the mental triangle - passivethe emotional circle - activeNumber 20, archetype of the Mediatorthe material square - passive

The ternary composition of the symbol

Spirit, Soul and Body

spirit of number 11

Spirit of the symbol

  • 1 + 1 = 2
  • Grid: Rosette (but adaptable to all)
  • Position of the units: center and periphery.
  • Decision-making mode: Intuition
soul of number 11

The Soul of the Symbol

  • Mode: Metamorphosis
  • Type: Integration
  • Orientation: exchange
  • Axes: binary (180 °)
body of number 11

The Body of the symbol

  • Emotional Body
  • Composition: 2 circles united center-to-center.
  • Proceeds from: doted circle (10).
  • Evolves towards: the Triquetra (12).
vibration frequency of the number 11

Vibratory resonance

  • Frequency: 720 Hz
  • Lower octave: 360 Hz
  • Upper octave: 1440 Hz

The spirit of the place

Number and position of units making up the number 11

Love at the service of the Other

“I aspire to universal love. My dual character invites me to master my relationship with the Other. "

Your symbol is located in the World of Archetypes (on the first line, which represents the idea that one has of oneself, and in particular here one's own aspirations), and in the attribute of Love (in the second column, the one that evokes the relationship that is built between Me and the Other).

  • Place in the matrix:

    • World: Spiritual ~ The “Self”.
    • Attribute: Love
    • Favorite tool: the Heart and the Word.
    • Arithmetic decomposition: 1 + 1
    • Algebraic typology: double number.
    • Matrix topology:
      • Present in a world (Spi).
      • Endowed with two attributes (Spi ~ Psy).
    • Additional number: 8
Location of number 11 in the matrix of Three Worlds

Location in the matrix: 2

Top row - Second column

11 = 1 + 1 = 2

The paths of expression of the number 11

Path of evolution (Materialize the Spirit) where you must express Love.

paths of expression of the number 2
Check to see if these numbers or symbols are present in your profile.

Having the number 2 as the number of expression, represented by the Vesica Piscis, symbol of the number 11, translates a sensitive personality, endowed with natural empathy which makes them excellent advisers .

Expressing love is not an easy task. Not everyone has the same moral sense as you. You will have to rely on symbols located in the two lower worlds to realize your vocation. This is particularly the case for the "arrows" formed from the numbers 752 - 852.

path of expression 257 of the 257 of the Enlightened and 258 of the Empathy
  • The "arrow 752" integrates all the elements of the Seed of Life (2+5=7), composed only using "subtle bodies".
  • The "arrow 852" represents the set of Human Attributes and qualities of the Soul.

Symbolic keys

Symbolic systems linked to the number 11

The meanings of the symbol

  • On the spiritual or divine level: ancestral symbol of Christ (ICHTUS), the Word.
  • On the psychological or human level: the original couple. The relationship between the Self (Individuality) and the Ego (Personality).
  • On the physical or natural level: logical connectors, combinatory logic.
  • Common sense: two rings.
  • Esoteric sense: the Verb or circle radius.
  • Family of figured numbers: integers numbers
  • Family in geonumerology: Flower of Life.

Evolution advices

  • Risk: heightened sensitivity, emotional contagion.
  • Law at stake: Law of Attraction.
  • Work to do: respect the space of the other.
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