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Anatomy of the number 23

Symbol of the Templar Cross

the different ways to get the number 5 in numerology

All numbers with the number 5 for reduction are obtained using the following three forms:
• 14 = 1 + 4 = 5
• 23 = 2 + 3 = 5
• 50 = 5 + 0 = 5

The number 23 is quite rare and appears in 20% of cases.

The Templar Cross comes from the addition of a Vesica Piscis (number 11) to a Triquetra (number 12): two symbols made up of circles (the only form common to the numbers 2 and 3).

The Templar Cross represents the Here and Now: here between the top and the bottom, now between the past and the future. It expresses an expansion of consciousness of the "Subtle Body".

the geometric composition of the number 23symbol of the number 23

The Initiate

The Templar Cross

number 23 archetype of the Initiatesymbol of the number 23

At the crossroads, the Templar Cross represents the alliance of divine nature (vertical) and human nature (horizontal). Mediator par excellence between Heaven and Earth, symbol of the "invariable middle", of the "here and now", the Templar Cross brings about the fusion of opposites.

It expresses an extension of consciousness, an extra degree in the initiatory process A true emotional sponge, you capture information in perpetual integration. You have a highly developed intuition of the telepathic type with your loved ones. The 5 "Emotional Bodies" of the Templar Cross 5/23 bring a lot of emotionality to your personality: you are a person very receptive to moods, to "good vibrations" but also to "bad vibes"...

~ In medio stat virtus ~
Virtue stands in the middle, not at the extremes. 

the mental triangle - passivethe emotional circle - activepersonnalite du nombre 23 femmethe material square - passive

The ternary composition of the symbol

Spirit, Soul and Body

spirit of number 23

Spirit of the symbol

  • 2 + 3 = 2
  • Grid: Quatrefoil.
  • Position of the units: center and periphery.
  • Decision-making mode: Intuition.
soul of number 23

The Soul of the Symbol

  • Mode: Metamorphosis
  • Type: Integration
  • Orientation: Exchange
  • Axes: quaternary - angle = 90 °
body of number 23

The Body of the symbol

  • Emotional Body
  • Composition: 5 circles in the shape of a cross.
  • Proceeds from: cross (22).
  • Evolves towards: seed of live (25).
vibration frequency of the number 23

Vibratory resonance

  • Frequency: 1800 Hz
  • Lower octave: 900 Hz
  • Upper octave: 3600 Hz

The spirit of the place

Number and position of units making up the number 23

My Feelings with the Other

"My personal evolution (5) passes through the integration of the universal values of Wisdom (3) and Love (2)."

Your symbol is located in the Human World (on the second line, which represents the conscious Self and the close relational circle), and in the attribute of Love (in the second column, the one that evokes the relationship that is built between Me and the other).

Place in the matrix :

  • World: Human (Psychic World) ~ The "I".
  • Attribute : Soul, Heart, Feelings.
  • Favourite tool : The Heart and the Word.
  • Arithmetic decomposition : 2 + 3
  • Algebraic typology: compound number.
  • Matrix topology :
    • Present in two worlds (Spi-Psy).
    • With two attributes (Psy-Phy).
  • Complementary number: 5
Location of number 23 in the matrix of Three Worlds

Location in the matrix: 2

Center row - Second column

23 = 2 + 3 = 5

The paths of expression of the number 23

Path of evolution (Materialize the Spirit) where you must express feelings of your Heart.

paths of expression of the number 5
Check to see if these numbers or symbols are present in your profile.

Having the number 5 as an expression number, represented by the Templar Cross, symbol of the number 23, expresses the will to live in the here and now, in full consciousness.

To accomplish your mission you will have to rely on symbols located in the other two worlds (Spiritual and Physical).

Several paths exist to nourish your Heart with feelings, but some paths are more promising than others, because they allow a favorable alignment of energies for the realization of your vocation. Such is the case notably of the "arrows" formed by the numbers 257, 258, 357 and 358.

path of expression 258 of the Empathy and 357 of the Initiate
  • The "arrow 257" integrates all the elements of the Seed of Life (2 + 5 = 7), composed only with the help of "subtle bodies".
  • The "arrow 258" which represents all the Human Attributes and qualities of the Soul.
  • The "arrow 357" represents the three stages of initiation and reflects the expansion of consciousness.
  • The "arrow 358" integrates all the elements of the Egg of Life (3 + 5 = 8), representing a solidification, densification of 8 "emotional bodies", giving it the highest vibratory rate of all the symbols of Geonumerology.

Symbolic keys

Symbolic systems linked to the number 23

The meanings of the symbol

  • On the spiritual or divine level: the Cross of the Order of the Knights Templar.
  • On the psychic or human level: "Here and now".
  • On the physical or natural level: Union of top and bottom, past and future by being centred in the present moment.
  • Common sense: Mystical quest.
  • Esoteric sense: the invariable middle or the middle way. Fusion of opposites.
  • Family in geonumerology: Cross.

Evolution advices

  • Risk: dispersal, swelling.
  • Law at stake: Law of Balance.
  • Work to be done: transmission (7_25) or materialization (8_35).
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