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Numerology forecast for 2022

Personal year predictions
numerology prediction 2022

Numerology of year 6

The Year of Revelation

The year of choice

This year that begins will be under the influence of the number 6:
2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6.

The cell n°6 (second line and third column) represents the location of the Body, of the Will expressed by our means of communication with the outside world: the look, the word and the gesture.

The numbers 4 and 6 represent respectively the Spirit and the Body of Man (Human World made up of the numbers 456).

This year invites us to experience a life of freedom and choice, not of servitude and fear. The difference between a free being and a slave is that the free being knows that he or she has a choice.

Location in the matrix

"My personal evolution depends on the alignment, the balance (2), between my thoughts (4) and my actions (6)."

Symbol of year 2022

The six-pointed cross

Symbol of the number 6
obtained by 2 + 4

The 6-pointed cross

In hoc signo vinces
"By this sign you will win."


Express yourself

Geometrically the number 2 is equivalent to the line, composed of two points. A line (2) plus a cross (4) produce the universal cross 6_24.

The 6-pointed cross represents the 3D expansion of the 4-pointed cross (represented by the oblique axes).

While the 4_22 Cross (symbol of the year 2020) announced a truth (the vertical one) imposed on all humanity (the horizontal one) at the level of the Spirit (location of the number 4), the year 2022, through the 6-pointed cross, addresses on the other hand the level of the Body (location of the number 6), of its means of expression which are: the eyes (the Gaze), the mouth (the Word) and the hands (the Gesture)


Influence of 2022 on your profile

Depending on your geonumerical profile, the year 2022 will have more or less influence on your path.

For example, you may also have a life path in 6_24 or be in your personal year 6. This would have the effect of amplifying the effects of this vibration tenfold and thus amplifying the challenges you face.

Generally speaking, the 6-pointed cross invites us to make a choice, to position ourselves.

Every thought you have is a choice. Every emotion you feel is a choice. Every action you take is a choice. And this awareness that your thoughts, your emotions, your actions are all choices makes you sovereign of your life.

Being happy is up to you. It is a matter of decision, and it is really that simple. No one but you is responsible for your happiness, and only you have the ability to choose happiness.

Lifting the veil

Towards a new paradigm

The year 2022 is placed under the sign of a paradigm shift. It announces personal responsibility as the foundation of freedom.

How to free humanity from the prison in which it has locked itself by adopting a victim attitude that keeps it at a level of experience filled with fear and frustration.

We are at the point in the evolution of our planet where it is time for you to realize that it is your responsibility to change the destination of the path you are now forced to take.

To do this, you must first open your eyes and look at what is happening around you. Then you must come to the unpleasant realization that you have allowed all of this to happen because you have been influenced by an elaborate lie with overwhelming methodology and have refused to take any personal responsibility to change anything.

This is not the time to hide behind your usual excuse, "What can one person do?" A lot of "one person" can accomplish a lot.

You will know how to participate in creating a new experience to replace this waking nightmare! How? Your desire to know and participate in its creation will help you find out. Then a miraculous coincidence will put you on the track.

The crux of this process lies in your inner conviction that the most important thing is to participate in the creation of a new experience, diametrically opposed to the one currently reserved for your final stay on earth.

The obvious and irrefutable evidence of the need for action is all around you. You need only open your eyes and consider the rapid succession of changes that are occurring in your personal freedoms and pay attention to the documented facts that are being presented to you, orally or in writing, on the radio, on the Internet and in books.

It is through individual inner change that the outer forces that intend to control the very core of your awareness will be overcome.

Many of you hear the call, but few choose to answer it.

The blindfold was placed over your eyes on purpose, making you believe that you were not allowed to remove it. The blindfold is the game of deception by which the magician directs your gaze to what he wants you to see, which he achieves through a series of movements of which you are unaware.

It is as simple as that, for as long as you choose to simply resist and survive the onslaught of the oppressors, you will sink deeper into the abyss. Only a new vision will get you out.

This is for the realistic visionaries who may not realize, until the last moment, the importance of the work they are doing now. These people will be able to see beyond the chaos and recognize the opportunity.

The realization of the need for change is well established in many; the vision must be planted now for it to germinate and mature.

Man is an adventurous being; he loves a challenge. This desire for personal adventure has been manipulated into a false desire for security, the assurance of limited risk.

We note with interest that the forces of evil are working hard. They are creating ethnic and racial tensions between individuals and groups and agitating them, while at the same time urging you to adopt a form of "world government. This, of course, is not without planning. They aim to create chaos and confusion in the psyche.

The "battle" is not, as you have been told, on the surface of the planet, but in the individual consciousness and also, by definition, in the planetary consciousness.

Handbook for the New Paradigm - Excerpts

The body and its means of expression

The eyes, the words and the actions

The year 2022 is about the expression of Will and Choice

"The 6-pointed Cross invites you to become the harmonious expression of the energy of a fragment of the creator, radiantly expressing itself by perpetuating the flow of expansive energy in whatever dimension it finds itself."

Man is made up of three basic principles: the intellect, (4), the heart (5) and the will (6). The intellect (4) needs light (7) to access Wisdom (3); the heart (5) needs warmth (8) to express its love (2); and the will (6) needs energy (9) to manifest Strength (1).

The year 2022 is about the expression of Will and Choice. The organs of Will are the eyes, the mouth and the hands. It is with the help of these three eyes that Man must become master of his destiny.

Each look, each word, each gesture, triggers certain forces that lead to consequences. By his thoughts, his words, his actions, Man constantly emits beneficial or malefic vibrations; these waves travel in space until they come back to him. He then reaps what he has sown by virtue of the law of return shock, or karma.

🔺 In a way, we can say that the intellect or "Mental Body" is a faculty linked to the eyes: to see things is already to understand them a little. What is the ideal of the intellect. It is Wisdom, the understanding of universal laws. To be able to obtain Wisdom the intellect needs Light. It needs knowledge. What allows us to learn, to have enlightened thoughts, is the eyes through the way we look at the things around us.

The words of the heart

⚪️ What is the ideal of the Heart or "Emotional Body"? It is Love and joy. To be able to obtain Love the "Emotional Body" needs space of Warmth, It needs to feel dilated, to open itself more and more. To get this warmth, it is necessary to experience feelings, emotions.

Then, it is necessary to express them by the Word. What allows us to speak is the mouth. It is through the mouth that we express the warmth of our feelings.

The eyes of mind

The acts of the hand

◼️ What is the ideal of the Will or "Vital Body"? It is to Act on things: ideas, men, society. To be able to act the "Vital Body" needs food, it needs movement, power. And to get energy, it is necessary to act, to put the movement in action by the gesture. What allows us to perform the gesture is the hand. It is through the hand that triggers the gesture that the energy is produced, that we act.

Man needs to be in agreement with himself, to live aligned in unity, he needs his intellect, his heart and his will to walk together.

as above so below


Influence of 2022 on your career

To find out your personal year add your day and month of birth to the current year, then reduce the total to a number.

Example: if you were born on March 25th you get :
+ 03
+ 2022
= 2050 = 2 + 5 = 7
You are therefore in personal year 7.


Personal Year 1

Innovate, create, dare, assert yourself, be autonomous

In personal year 1, you must let your energy out from the center to the periphery while avoiding dispersion and overwork. Don't rush headlong into it either, because the path you will take this year will have repercussions in the 9 years to come. The personal year 1 favors the need to find oneself, to give a meaning to one's life. To individualize oneself also means to merge with one's higher self, to live according to one's own rules, while respecting those of others. To assert oneself without imposing oneself.

Personal Year 2

Cooperate, share, reconcile, be patient, advise

The personal year 2 is a year to let things rest, to reflect more than to act. Diplomacy and a sense of cooperation will be required in order to mitigate potential conflicts, without falling into dependence on others and lack of self-confidence. This is a year of openness to others, a year of listening and understanding, but without allowing yourself to be influenced, or to fall into sentimentality.

Personal Year 3

Expression - communication - multiplication

A fruitful year of success, creativity, contacts, meetings, communication. The need for a more intense social life, to express yourself, to externalize yourself is felt more than ever this year. From a professional point of view, favor communication in all its forms, be creative, dare to express yourself and speak up to defend your ideas. You will be surprised at your power of conviction.

Personal Year 4

Build, sustain, make efforts, persevere

Your success will depend on your perseverance and methodical, practical organization. There is no question of doing things by halves or "borderline". Devote yourself to the essential without neglecting the details. From a professional point of view, work will be at the center of your concerns this year. You will have to consolidate what you have learned while knowing how to develop a concept or an idea, because nothing stands still, everything changes.

Personal Year 5

Dare - create - risk - move - be free

The Personal Year 5 is a year of change, of movement but above all a year that invites you to use your free will with discernment. The Personal Year 5 invites you to travel, to dare to live new adventures. It is a year when your personality will have the opportunity to reveal itself, to awaken, to shine or to gain depth.

Personal Year 6

Dedication, Empowerment, Giving, Loving

Personal Year 6 is a year when family, home, and the search for balance and harmony are at the heart of your interests. Family or professional responsibilities will increase. You will have to be flexible and adaptable to meet the demands of your loved ones, patients or clients.

Personal Year 7

Reflect - Step back - Settle - Refine

The Personal Year 7 is a year of wisdom and reflection. Step back, introspect quietly. In Personal Year 7, it is not uncommon to feel the need to stop for a moment, to take the time to reflect on your life, on the meaning you have given it up to now. It is a time for questioning and introspection. Moments of solitude with yourself will be necessary to take stock and verify if you are still in agreement with your destiny or if it is appropriate to ask yourself some questions.

Personal Year 8

Organize - make decisions - assert authority - balance between materialism and spirituality

The values conveyed by Personal Year 8 have to do with dynamism, courage, ambition, and self-confidence. It is a year devoted essentially to material or professional aspects. It is a sign of material success, promotion, higher income, increased power.

Personal Year 9

Purify - reflect - free yourself from the past - be altruistic

It is time to take stock. This is an opportunity to let go of the past while preparing the future to welcome the new harvest. In vibration 9, we find ourselves torn between two cycles, one that is ending and the other that is about to begin; this is not the time to start a new project but rather to look back on the last 8 years and ask ourselves if we want to do the same thing again or change our vibration.

symbol of Christ XP

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end." Revelation 22:13.

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