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From Psychology to Spirituality

"Know yourself and you will know the Universe and the Gods."

key of mysteries

The key of the Thee Worlds

Deus ~ Homo ~ Natura

The intuitive understanding of the analogical correspondences uniting the symbols and ideas associated with the first nine numbers is closely related to the study of the symbolism of the Three Worlds and the correspondences that flow from it.

It is through the rigorous application of this method that awakening and full consciousness depend.

The Ternary Law teaches that Creation is composed of three Worlds that overlap :

  • The Material or Physical world below
  • The Spiritual or Divine world above
  • The Intermediate world, joining the other two, in which Man is located, the realm of the soul or the Psychological World.

Man is likewise created in a ternary fashion, represented in the mind, body and soul. The mind is in relation with the Spiritual World, while the body is in relation with the Physical World. The soul is born into the Psychological World.

“The Universe considered as a great animated Whole, composed of intelligence, soul and body, was called Pan au Phanès. Man, or the microcosm, was composed of the same, but in an inverse manner, of body, soul and intelligence; and each of these three parts was in turn considered under three modifications, so that the ternary reigning in the whole also reigned in the least of its subdivisions. "

~ The Golden Worms of Pythagoras ~ Antoine Fabre d'Olivet
matrix of three worlds
"Nature is a mirror, a vast cryptogram program where vertical series and horizontal strata are ordered and correspond. »

Included ~Elements of Theology

Pythagorean tables for ideas

From numbers to ideas

This is a kind of Pythagorean table, where the elements of study play the role of numbers, as used by the initiates of the Pythagorean School.

When you have drawn up the tables of several principles, you can move on to an even more interesting exercise: comparing of each of the principles with all its analogues in the other tables.


In the Emerald Tablet, Hermes Trismegistus writes : “That which is below (on earth) is like that which is above (in heaven).” If we compare this phrase with the verse from the Our Father, “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” as well as the famous saying “Know yourself”, we can say that Hermes describes something (knowing) while Jesus wishes for it (wanting) and Socrates gives us the procedure to be followed (daring).

Think in Threes

From the matrix of numbers to the three of ideas

The transformation of the matrix into a tree allows a better visualization of the relations between the first nine numbers and the Three Worlds.

The keystone of the esoteric teaching of Pythagoras rests on the idea of the interdependence of all the elements of the cosmos through a link, a primordial energy, associated by some with divine love, by others with the law of attraction, in a word with the force that unites, or better, keeps together all parts of the universe. Pythagoras envisaged Man under three aspects, like the Universe; hence the name of microcosm or small world to qualify Man.

from matrix from tree
"And in a grandiose vision, Pythagoras saw the worlds move according to the rhythm and harmony of the sacred numbers. He saw the equilibrium of earth and sky whose balance is held by human freedom; the three worlds: natural, human and divine supporting each other, determining each other and playing the universal drama by a double movement, descending and ascending. »

Golden Verses of Pythagoras. Translated by Fabre d'Olivet.

The Divine Attributes

The number 1 represents the first attribute of God as Father, Principle, Source, Unity, and Beginning of all things. The Big Bang of astrophysicists or the cell of biologists. The Infinite Light of the Kabbalah, Ain Soph.

The number 4 (Secret Value = 1) symbolizes the reflection of God in Man through his Spirit. The light of intellect.

The number 7 (Secret Value = 1) expresses the reflection of God in Nature through the visible light of the sun, marker of Time.

The Human Attributes

The number 2 represents the human part of God, his visible part in the person of the Son who became incarnate (number 6) in Space and Matter (number 8). The Son (number 2) made himself intelligible to our senses by taking on the Body of Man (number 6).

"Et verbum caro factum est ~ And the Word became flesh" (John I. 14).

The number 5, where Man is situated, is the location of the Soul between the Spirit (number 4) and the Body (number 6). Its secret value is equal to that of the Holy Spirit. Both "breath" and "Holy Spirit" are translated as pneuma in Greek.

The number 8, represents Space, the place of manifestation of Matter, identical in Man and in Nature. Its secret value is identical to that of Energy (number 9). Matter is Energy (Quantum Theory). 

The Natural Attributes

The number 3 is associated with the Holy Spirit, the creative intelligence, the Logos that the Creator used to shape the Soul of the World. This number geometrically associated with the triangle corresponds to the archetype of visible forms.

The number 6 represents the Body of man, composed of the same elements as Nature (atomic structure of the body).

The number 9 represents the threefold manifestation of the Primordial Energy. This number expresses the triple manifestation of the Holy Spirit (number 3) in the Natural World. 

From Spirituality to Psychology

The "Self", the "Me "and the "I"

matrix of ideas

The process of individuation consists in experiencing the Higher Self (one’s innermost desires) in the reality of the Lower Self (the "I" acting)by the intermediary of the Conscious Self (the conscious "Me"), in a search for coherence. The goal is to join the above and below in order to restore the link between the two poles for energy to flow. 

The line of the Higher Self corresponds to the World of Ideas; of Archetypes. The Higher Self represents the inner guide of Man, the force which unconsciously drives them forwards.

The line of the Conscious Self represents the process by which a being becomes an independent and indivisible unit through the alignment of their thoughts, feelings and actions.

Finally, the line of the Lower Self is associated with the way in which we communicate with the world, we act to exist and be present in the collective. 

A balanced distribution of personal symbols throughout the Three Worlds favors a complete fulfilment of the individual, who in this way achieves Tri-Unity within themselves.

The root of all problems can be attributed to either a lack or an excess (3 numbers or more in a given World).

Some people have no symbols at all in one world or another, which makes the task of re-joining them more complicated. It is more difficult for them to assert the totality of their being.

« The Self is not only the center, but also the complete circumference that embraces both conscious and unconscious; it is the center of this totality just as the self is the center of consciousness. »

Carl Gustav Jung, My Life

Layers of personality

Symbol of the individual or the Self

In humans this circle seems to have several layers:

  • the "Self ", or Higher Self,
  • located in the center represents your deepest nature, the highest vision you have of yourself, your ideal in a way;
  • the "Me", or Conscious Self, is your conscious personality that thinks, feels and acts;
  • the " I", or Lower Self, represents the "I" acting in the community, the way others perceive you.

There is an unconscious part in the "Me" as well as in the "I", the collective unconscious. This is the invisible part that we can access by expanding our self-consciousness.

Jung uses here the notion of circumference to define the Self because it is most often represented symbolically by the circle, the circle means the whole, the unification, the protective envelope, the separation between the inside, the Self and the outside, the non-self.

Balanced and unbalanced profiles

Too much or not enough

42.000 different profiles

Among the 42.000 possible profiles using the 5 personal symbols, only 6 out of every 21 are balanced (having at least one symbol in each world).

All the others have at least one empty line (world) that does not allow them to connect the top and the bottom, unless they have a life path number in that world:

  • Numbers 1 to 6 : no number in the Spiritual World;
  • Numbers 6 to 11 : no number in the Physical World;
  • Numbers 11 to 15 and 1 : no number in the Psychical World;

Only the number 16 to 21 dispose of natural Rows of Expression.

Missing numbers

Not enough

missing numbers

Not having numbers in a world makes it more difficult to engage in the process of individuation which is to experience the Self (one's deepest desires) in the reality of the I through the Me (the conscious individual).

Bringing together the top and the bottom in order to re-establish contact between the two poles so that energy can flow.


No number in the line of the "SELF" : Lack of Vision

If the line of the Self is empty, it offers no archetypal support, no form of ideal to orient the individual towards something greater than themselves, and the development of the individual will be affected. Those who have no numbers in this row are unable to open themselves to the unconscious.

The lack of listening, acceptance or receptivity to one’s own interior world, inevitably brings a disconnection with his "raison d'être", the "divine core". There is in this subject a conscious or unconscious repression of what comes from within.


No number in line of the "Me": Lack of Affirmation

If the ego line is empty, the individual has a weak personality. Not having their own system of thought, nor a precise desire, they lets himself lets himself be guided either by his personal unconscious or by the collective unconscious, the image that others reflect back to them. He will often tend to wear a mask in society and may even have no problem with deceiving those around them. Unless it is a person without ego and who invests themselves in the community going as far as forgetting themselves.


No number in the line of the "I" : Lack of Participation

If the line of the « I » is empty, the individual seems to find it difficult to integrate into society, to express their ideas, to live in a community. They are very focused on personal issues. The risk is to lose touch with reality and not be able to experience who they really are.

Numbers in excess

Too much


Excess in line of The "Self"

If the line of the Self contains several symbols, the individual risks being overwhelmed by the unconscious and losing contact with reality. One of the main dangers that can result from this is megalomania

This can translate for the individual by a high opinion of himself, and the feeling of being the sole bearer of a mission. They assert themselves as all knowing and takes the attitude of a master towards everyone.


Excess in line of The "Me"

The process of individuation is the gradual birth of a new Higher Self. One of the dangers of having too many symbols in the line of the Conscious Self (greater than 3) is to cause inflation, which is the state of consciousness of an overinflated ego and a negative attitude towards everyone.


Excess in line of The "I"

The individual acts according to established thought patterns. One could even say that they simply ‘react’. Having neither a very assertive personality nor a mission that pushes them to transcend themselves, they are more reactive than active, even if they always seems agitated and full of energy. The individual who is mainly located in the I, "I exist", will always act hidden behind a social or professional mask to exist and appear, but not to Be.

to much numbers in a row

We consider that there is excess when three or more numbers are located in one world, the profile having only two numbers left for the other two worlds.

Ways of expression

Between heaven and earth

« It is a question of becoming, simply but fully, what one can be "in truth", that is to say, in accordance with the truth that one carries within oneself. TO INITIATE OURSELF is to build oneself "from within", it is to be more and more one with the best of oneself. To be is to become and to realize oneself according to one's dominant action and thought. »

M. Benharoche Baralia ~ In the shadow of the cosmic tradition
way of expression for number 1

If your expression symbol is located in the Spiritual or Divine World (number 1 in the example), the world of archetypal ideas, in the realm of Strength and Truth. You will need to rely on numbers coming from the two lower Worlds, the Psychological and Physical Worlds, in order to achieve unity in your Self, to join the Above, the Higher Self (your aspirations) and the Below, the Lower Self (your concrete fulfilment).

“The arrow of Enlightened / Guides - 147” is particularly beneficial and offer the possibility of complete fulfilment.

"I aspire to Strength (1) by manifesting the Light of Knowledge (7) through my Mind and my Thoughts (4)."

way of expression for number 5

If your expression symbol is located in the Psychological or Human World (number 5 in the example), the world of the Conscious Self, in the realm of the Heart and feelings :

You will need to rely on numbers coming from the lower (Physical) World as well as from the higher (Spiritual) World in order to achieve unity in your Self, to join the Above, the Higher Self (your aspirations) and the Below, the Lower Self (your concrete realisations).

“The arrow of Initiates - 357” is particularly beneficial and offer the possibility of complete fulfilment.

"My Heart (5) manifests its Wisdom (3) by drawing on the knowledge of the ancients, in the Light of Time (7)."

way of expression for number 9

If Your expression symbol is located in the Natural or Physical World (number 9 in the example), the world of the Lower Self in the collective, in the realm of Duty and Energy :

You will need to rely on numbers coming from the two higher Worlds, the Spiritual and Psychological Worlds, in order to achieve unity in your Self, to join the Above, the Higher Self (your aspirations) and the Below, the Lower Self (your concrete realisations).

The arrow of therapists - 369” is particularly beneficial and offer the possibility of complete fulfilment.

"I achieve fulfilment with my commitments to the collective (9) through my creations (6), inspired by Wisdom (3)."

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