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From Geometry to Psychology 

Idea-form theory and archetypes of personality

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Geometric construction of numbers

Arithmology, Morphology and Topology

Thought brings forth the idea of form, highlighting the link between mind and matter, the invisible and the visible. Symbol are representative of ideas.

In antiquity, calculations were made using small pebbles, called calculi in Latin, that were arranged to form two and three dimensional harmonious geometric shapes. 

"Each number responds to a characteristic idea and hieroglyph, so that the laws of number combinations verify the combination of symbols and ideas. (...) This law is one of the best keys to open the ancient mysteries. »

Papus ~ Elementary Treatise on Occult Science
the tetractys of Pythagoras

Tetractys and Tetrahedron

From 2D o 3D

  • The arithmetic unit is associated with the geometric point, considered dimensionless.
  • The number 2 is thus composed of two units (points) through which it is possible to draw a straight line, the first one dimensional shape.
  • The Number 3 is composed of three units (points) through which it is possible to draw a triangle, the first two-dimensional surface.
  • The number 4 is composed of four units (points) through which it is possible to draw a tetrahedron, the first volume of three-dimensional space.

Each of the 29 source numbers is attributed its own symbol that is drawn according to its decomposition :

  • The equation 1 + 1 = 2 corresponds to the construction of integer family;
  • The equation 1 + 2 = 3 corresponds to the construction of triangular numbers family, obtained by adding integers;
  • The equation 1 + 3 = 4 corresponds to the construction of tetrahedral numbers family, obtained by adding triangular numbers.

The Tetractys 

Universal pattern

One of the most notable symbols associated with Pythagoras is certainly the famous Tetractys, which he describes as a “symbol immense and pure, Source of Nature and model of the Gods.“ It is the sum of all Pythagorean teachings.

All that exists in the bodily nature, all the forms, the slightest features, are and can only be meetings, combinations, or divisions of the primitive signs which are numbers. Nothing can appear among the sensible things that are not written by them, that do not descend from them and that do not belong to them, just as all possible figures of Geometry will always be composed of points, lines, circles or triangles.

Natural Table of the Relationships that exist between god man and the universe LC. of St. Martin

The geometric alphabet 

The elementary bricks

geometric shapes from 0D to 3D

Just as the genetic code of the man is summarized in a language made up of 4 elementary bricks (ATCG), in the same way all the matter results from geometrical combinations which exist between the atoms, all the symbols of the geonumerology are derived from the combination of five archetypal forms, regarded as a true alphabet in itself (Cf the archaic language Watan of which Fabre d' Olivet speaks in his Archéomètre).

Each number has a meaning, and the language of numbers only becomes clear and readable in the light of shapes.

But just as we had to learn the letters of the alphabet to be able to read these lines, so we need to have the alphabet of archetypal shapes to be able to interpret the symbol properly.

"These are not inherited representations, but an innate disposition to form analogous representations, that is to say identical universal structures of the psyche that I later called: collective unconscious. I called these structures archetypes. They correspond to the biological concept of pattern of behaviour".

Carl Gustav Jung, The collective unconscious

The three archetypal geometric models (circle, triangle and square) are for the geonumerologist like the three primary colors for the painter or the four letters of DNA for the geneticist. The assembly of these three models gives rise to all the other geometric forms.

three archetypes shapes

Archetypes shapes

Quantic incarnation

Particle numbers, morphogenetic fields and form frequency

quantic incarnation of number

According to Rupert Sheldrake, a biology researcher from the University of Cambridge, each organ, individual, family and species would be surrounded by a morphogenetic fields carrying memories and with which it would exchange information. "Morphogenetic fields are invisible fields that order shapes. One could say that the field "resonates" a form and that the matter in this field organizes itself according to this morphic resonance", he explains.

These energetic and informational fields could explain the existence of collective psychic memories, such as C.G. Jung's idea of the collective unconscious or Pierre Theilhard de Chardin's noosphere. Our thought patterns can be inscribed into these fields, leaving memories or consolidating existing archetypal patterns.

Let's not forget that the first discoveries in quantum physics were made in parallel with the theory of the collective unconscious, as illustrated by the exchanges between Pauli and Jung bear witness to this.

If one tries to bring together physics and psyche, one could say that the archetype acts as an attractor of any other "thought form" that comes close to it.

The units present in the number are like particles of information (quanta) that activate on contact with the grid, which acts as an attracting field.

Once positioned on the grid, the dot-units enter in relation to each other. The units thus inter-connected give way to a waveform generated by vibratory resonance.

The grid acts as a model for the shapes like the morphogenetic fields that structure the universe and maintain the coherence of the whole.

The grids of cathedral builders

Universal patterns of sacred geometry

grids of builders of cathedrals

The arithmetic decomposition of numbers allows its geometric representation. The number of units as well as their distribution indicates the construction grid that should be used to draw the shape.

By applying the three basic movements of geometry (duplication, rotation and homothety) to the three mother figures, we obtain the three construction grids of the set of numbers.


Example with the three symbols of number 4

From symbols to ideas

psychology-of-the-symbols of-number 4

As you can see, the number 4 is not necessarily a square, as classical numerology would suggest. The interpretation therefore varies according to the decomposition: a tetrahedron 4 is completely different from a square 4, for example.

Ternary classification of personality traits

Spirit ~ Soul ~ Body

Each of the symbols of geonumerology can be described using three criteria:

  • Its body, which corresponds to the (external) shape of the symbol
  • Its soul which corresponds to the direction of the energy that animates it.
  • Its spirit which corresponds to the inner content of the symbol (presence or not of axes, number and axes).
personality traits

Morpho-genesis of the 29 symbols

From unity to multiplicity

morphogenesis of the 29 symbols geonumerology

The 29 symbols of geonumerology

Archetypes of personality

the 29-symbols of geonumerology
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